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21 December
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Me! I know, I know I'm just.. drool worthy!

Here's some info on me:
Name: Uesugi Tatsuha
Age: Not as if it matters.. sixteen
Sex: yes, please...XD I'm a guy.. I love my penis <3
Height:180 cm (that's 5'11")
Weight: 67 kg (148 lbs)
Bloodtype: AB (for absolutly bishounen.. you know I'm hot.)
Hair colour: Black
Eye colour: Dark blue-blackish..yeah
Birthplace: Kyoto (blah)
Location: dullsville, A.K.A. family temple in Kyoto.
Job: Loving Ryuichi, of course! Oh, I'm a monk too.. on the side..
Family: Annoying oldman, Eiri, Mika (the bitch *hides*)

Here are some fanlistings I joined.. I snuck onto Eiri's laptop late one night..

And I joined this one, just because me and Miroku have something in common, we're both sex-hungry monks! Go us!

Here's my little adoptions:

I even have all of Nittle Grasper *-*~!!

I got them from:

Okay okay, enough here.. go to my journal damnit! >.