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Merlin 1x12 (part two)

I'm a slow, slow worker, but finally, here's part two! I'm planning on iconing all of the episodes, but it's going to take me quite a while, especially once Torchwood airs again... Anyway, I don't particularly like this batch (the colouring was a bitch, you have no idea how much time I spent cleaning up some of the caps), but I hope you guys do. I pretty much... Well, I just like the teaser icons, and maybe two or three others to be honest. What's happened to my Photoshop mojo? :'(

Where is the lid? Where is the lid?Collapse )





Merlin 1x12 (part one)

I've really gotten into Merlin recently. Campy? Well, yes. Fun? Absolutely. The gay subtext explodes off the screen, I've made it a sport to recognize all the ex-Who actors, and did I mention the great Anthony Head? Anyway, I thought I'd better start practicing with Photoshop again, with the Doctor Who christmas special coming up and all.

Nothing special, just me trying to find my footing again and my attempts at being funny.

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Woe is me!

The most horrible thing of all things horrible has happened.

Photoshop has quit on me.
I'll give you a second to recover from that news.


Suddenly it's asking for me code thingy again, and the registration isn't working and AAAAHHH. So, basically my question is if anyone knows how to crack Photoshop CS. I've been googling for ages, but nothing seems to work. Maybe I'm just a moron, I don't know, but the world seems to be out to get me today, and I'm done. Somebody? Anybody? You'd be a total life saver!






... OH MY GOD.


smirnoffmule owns the internetz.


Once again, I apologize

I haven't posted in a while... Again... Quick recap of the most important events:

*I sat next to the Dutch prime minister and his family in a hotel bar and had to keep retrieving my little niece from under his chair.


*Stephen Fry on Buzzcocks! I've died and gone to heaven! For realz!  

Don't worry, I'll be back and catching up with my Friends List soon! Keep faith!


Recap: Lost In Austen 1x01 (Part One)

Well... I couldn't wait, so whether you want it or not, here's part one of my recap.

First off, let me start by saying that, sadly, English is not my first language. I speak it pretty well, but I still make mistakes, so if you spot one, please let me know!
Secondly, I know that a lot of Austen fans spit fire at the very mention of this series, but I have the perfect cure: Don’t take it too seriously. I know it’s trying to get in on the Jane Austen hype of the last couple of years, and it’s not the best thing ever written, and the characters are taken for some weird spins… I’m not an absolute Austen purist, but I do prefer films/series to stay as close to the book as possible. And yet, even as a lit major and Austen geek, I can still enjoy it. It’s fluffy, flawed, ridiculous, screwball fun, and it has never pretended to be anything different. The best thing to do is to just enjoy it for an hour and then forget all about it for the rest of the week. However, there will still be nitpicking along the way, don’t worry.

We'll make time stand stillCollapse )


Lost In Austen recaps: y/y?

As you all know, I love me some Austen. Now, recently, this show called Lost In Austen came to my attention, and it's grown on me. Of course, my inner Austenist screams at some bits, but mostly, it's just very entertaining.

So, I was thinking... Recaps? How do you people feel about that?

Meanwhile, I'm going to ravish Mr Bingley in a broom cupboard. Excuse me.

Icons: Garfield

I was cleaning up my Photobucket and I found these lying around and realized I never actually posted these. I think. If I have, I'm sorry. 



Icons: Rosamund Pike

Hmmm, my hiatus isn't really turning out the way I planned. As it turns out, I actually had a lot of free time on my hands during the whole moving business yesterday. I've picked out some lovely wallpaper (dark red with silver outlines of roses, very classy), but then I had the rest of the day off, so I made a gazillion Rosamund Pike icons. Why Rosamund Pike? Because I love her. She's beautiful, she has a lovely voice, and she really is the way I imagined Jane Bennet to be. Anyway, there are 49 icons under the cut, and I hope you like them!


Temporary Hiatus

Bad news! 

I'm afraid I'll have to take a temporary LJ break, for several reasons. First of all, my computer broke down (AGAIN #!%&#!). I don't know what the hell is wrong with it this time, but it'll be missing in action for a while. Secondly, I just got a new appartment in Utrecht, so I'll be busy moving, and lastly, the summer holidays have started, and I'll be in Italy for a week with some friends (Rimini. Good Lord, how did they talk me into this?). 

But once I get back, I'll make it up to you with the usual amount of icon posts and requests! Thank you so much for all the support, your lovely comments make my day every time, and I hope to talk to you all again soon!