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The sex she slipped into my coffee

The way she felt when she first saw me

Rosalind Montague
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The Player
Name: Tova
Gender: female
PB: Rachel McAdams and occasionally Keira Knightly
The Character

Character's Name: Rosalind Montague (nicknames include: Ros, Rosa, Linds, and Monty)
Character's Gender: female

Character's Appearance: Rosalind has shoulder - ish (varies) wavy/curly reddish brown hair, both her hair style and her color tend to change at random intervolts, mainly to annoy her father; greenish hazel eyes, and is about 5'6. She has a rather curvaious figure and is not what anyone would call 'fat', nor is she 'thin' Her family's finacial situation allows her the very best, but she only opps to use it when forced to by her parents. She would be much more comfortable in a pair of comfy ripped jeans and self-made tees. (usually with witty little sayings she made up, or adds made to look funny) She is rather relaxed about her clothes, but usually looks 'put together' in her own way.

Character's History: Rosalind was born on 12:02am on April 12th in Paris, France, and she and her family live in Rouen, just outside Paris. Most recently in Rosalind's history, she has been acting out at Beauxbatons Academy of Magic for reasons unknown, although speculated to have to do with the lack of diversity in her classmates. Which is why she's looking for academic assylem at Hogwarts.

Her father, Constantin, a lawyer for muggles, and is quite a bit of a socialite, he went to Drumstang as a child like the rest of his family. Her mother, Isolti, has had magic in her family for centuries and was extreamly happy to hear her daughter was blessed with the gift as well. She named both of her children after her favorite charactes in two of Shakespeare's comodies. Her love of the plays was passed to her daughter as well. Rosalind is a great great great great... niece to Lady Liza Esmeralda Valentina Grey, the most famous witch in their family. She has a twin brother, Lysander who is currently attending Durmstrang Institute. The two do not get along very well. He's more of the dark brooding type (think Dr. Luka on ER when he was 16)

When the two where younger they got along seemingly, Rosalind opting to be called Monty, and climb trees with her brother than to sit and take 'tea' lessons. As the two grew older they each grew apart. Rosalind drugged through 'tea' lessons and other polite society things her father insisted she knew. However, it was her brother who was always indoors, he became very cold and strict only calling his sister by Rosalind, insisting she did what her father told her to do. She perfered to hike on the grounds, and ride horse back, paint ... well anything what would keep her away from her father and her brother.

Character's Personality: Outgoing, fun loving, humorous, sarcastic and energetic, some what of a trouble maker, rebellious. She enjoys shopping, hikes, and long romantic walks on the beach...(I SOO couldn't resist) Although, she has a tendency to have SERIOUS mood swings. Often dances, hums or sings to the music in her head...not crazy I swear. She does her best not to be associated with her families social status. Her favorite classes include Defence Against the Dark Arts, and Charms. She also enjoys parts of Divination and Astrology. Mainly the fun things that involve elaborite stories or creative means. She loves visual and theatrical arts and Quidditch. Her oldest, and most reliable friend is her white and gray owl she named Puck.

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