(06) GodsGirls, (08) SuicideGirls Icons

Hi guys! Here are 14 altporn icons. I know, I know, I've been working on icons far too much lately. But I also have a S2 Flexible Squares layout in the works! Anyway, these are NWS, they contain full frontal (and rear) nudity! Viewer discretion is advised.


Brenna - Kinda Metal

NicoleLee - Why So Serious


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(12) David Aja (artist) icons

I StumbledUpon an artist named David Aja. Actually, I stumbled on his image labeled "Nouvelle Vague" section, Cinemanía magazine, PROGRESA, 2003," which is an image of Raoul Duke (Hunter S. Thompson's Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas) and Totoro (My Neighbor Totoro). The image just had to iconed, even if it was just for my own journal. I played around with curves, color balance, and color mixer and got quite a few likeable icons. I didn't just icon the image I described above as he has lots of wonderful artwork on his website that looks very original.


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[RESOURCE] 20 images of Harley Quinn

After downloading a bunch of Harley Quinn related comics, I decided to crop some of my favorites and save them for graphic use later on. I hate wasting things, so I not only uploaded them to Photobucket, I zipped them and uploaded them to SendSpace and RapidShare. Below is a preview image of all the images and links to download/photobucket.

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Also, I'm working on a [S2] Flexible Squares version of the [S1] Generator layout Compost since having ads in S1 is an eyesore and you can't control them.


I've been working on a few ideas for layouts (see: dyingscene) and I'm kind of scrapped on what S2 theme I should work with. I've been working with Smooth Sailing a lot lately, but I'm still quite fond of Flexible Squares. I'm also still into dark colors.

But I was wondering about ideas from other people. Like... What theme (Smooth Sailing, Flexible Squares, Mixit, Bloggish, etc) do you guys prefer? What colors are pleasing to you? Do you find actual backgrounds annoying or neat? Are (customizable) headers (as in image headers) important to you? Do you like "topbars" better than sidebars? Are matching comment/archive/tags pages your cup of tea? Do you find my layouts a pain to install? Would more technical installations (messing with 'display' in Customize Journal Theme, for example) be a chore or would that be something you're interested in? Do I need to explain installing the layouts better? /etc

I'm really curious as to what people are looking for and what they enjoy. Maybe knowing these things would help me out a bit in future layout making.

[LIVEJOURNAL] #5: Blimey Dingy

click for larger image preview
Live preview: ||| HERE |||
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EDIT: I have added a mini faq for this layout.

EDIT (JULY 27 2008): I've added more to the mini faq. You can now add a header, keep images from breaking your tables, and make your icon appear next to your entries (and make it pretty!).

Also, I have made two profile layouts that match this layout. You can view those here.

EDIT (JULY 28 2008): As of today, all incoming comments will be screened due to people deleting their comments. Just so you guys know, I am willing to help with almost any issue on these layouts, but if you can't show me the layout's error or problem on your journal or by uploading the .css file, I can't help you! Just telling me your issue or taking a screenshot isn't going to help me!