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22 March 1985

:: World In My Eyes ::

A miracle has happened and you've found your way to my LJ! Welcome!

This is a place for me to write "about the world we live in and life in general". Cookies for those of you who recognize the quote ;) All those entries are friends-only but my public posts contain my icons and textures.

:: This Twisted, Tortured Mess ::

Tuulia. Finn. 26. Student. English Philology major. Marketing, journalism and technical communications minor. "Artist". Atheist. Pro-choice. Liberal.

People keep saying that I'm extremely friendly, quite shy, a bit moody, really helpful, curious but in a good way, very trustworthy and funny.

:: Watching::

I love watching TV. The amount of time I spend in front of TV actually scares me and that's never a good sign.
Lost. Bones. Dexter. Fringe. Grey's Anatomy. Weeds. Ugly Betty. My Name is Earl. House. Heroes. Private Practice. Stargate Atlantis. Everybody Hates Chris. Life. Pushing Daisies. Battlestar Galactica. The Simpsons. C.S.I. Late Night with Conan O'Brien. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Stargate Universe.

Stargate SG-1. Six Feet Under. Oz. Dark Angel. Veronica Mars. Sex and the City. Alias. Roswell. 3rd Rock from the Sun. Ally McBeal. Firefly. Friends. Joan of Arcadia. Kitchen Confidental. The Nanny. Coupling. John Doe. McGyver. Quantum Leap. Charmed.

It's easy to guess that I also love movies. Unfortunately I'm a poor student who can't drag her butt to the theatre every night. If I could I would live there (with my TV of course!)
Fight Club. Amelie. Forrest Gump. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Pan's Labyrinth. Little Miss Sunshine. Superbad. Saving Private Ryan. Shaun of the Dead. Shrek 1&2&3. The Matrix.

:: Music Is My Hot, Hot Sex ::

Depeche Mode. Dave Gahan. Martin L Gore. Recoil. Nine Inch Nails. Snow Patrol. Linkin Park. Kings Of Leon. Editors. PJ Harvey. Placebo. Nirvana. The Cranberries. The Raconteurs. Alicia Keys. Kelly Clarkson. Red Hot Chili Peppers. Paramore. Eminem. IAMX. The Faint. Joy Division. Sigur Ros. Garbage. Tori Amos. Erykah Badu. The Verve. Maj Karma. Don Johnson Big Band. Gorillaz. Sean Paul. Green Day. Poets of the Fall. Zen Cafe. Outkast. Queen. Live. Foo Fighters. Queens of the Stone Age. Evanescence. Nightwish.

:: Step Out Of Your Cage And Onto The Stage::

Kate Winslet. Audrey Tautou. Reese Witherspoon. Edward Norton. Adrien Brody. Paul Bettany. Ben Foster. Simon Pegg. Russell Crowe. Ewan McGregor. Brad Pitt. Damien Lewis. Michael Vartan. Cate Blanchett. John Cusack. Angelina Jolie. Matt Damon. Benicio Del Toro.

:: Congratulations, I Hate You ::

Paris Hilton. Nicole Ritchie. Lindsay Lohan. Britney Spears. Kevin Federline. Christina Aquilera. Michael Jackson. Ben Affleck. Jennifer Lopez. Tara Reid. Sienna Miller. Jude Law. Tom Cruise+other scientologists. The Beckhams. Westboro Baptist Church. The cast of Laguna Beach/The Hills.

:: We're Going To Be Friends ::

I friend easily and I love getting to know new people so friend away if you wish!

When you ask me to friend you, the following things will happen:
- I'll first check out your LJ. I'm interested in seeing what kind of layout you have and what you tell/list in your profile.
- I'll read through few posts to get an idea what kind of person you are.
- If you have a personal site listed, I'll also take a look at that.
- If you seem like a relatively normal and nice person, I'll add you back.

What you get when friending me:
- Access to my constant rants about school/life in general
- Opportunity to laugh at my bad English (English isn't my mother tonque which you must have noticed already)
- A friend who'll read your blog like it's the Bible. I might not comment everytime (there's just moments when I can't think of anything to say) but I will read every.single.word you write. I just think it's a polite thing to do and I don't read your posts so that I could blackmail you! I'm actually interested in your life! Mostly because my life's so boring..

:: Without You I'm Nothing ::

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