friends cut...

i have decided to make my journal friends only. every entry i've ever submitted has been public, and i no longer want everyone to know about what happens in my life.

i have done a friends cut. if you have noticed i deleted you, i think the only reason is that i have absoloutely no idea who you are, (e.g i've never spoke to you before, i've never seen you on bbs's)

however, i will soon make a post with a friends only sign, and you can comment on that and i will add you back. so plz don't comment on this asking me to add you back. wait for the next post!

kthx <3
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this post is unnecessary but i'm so bored and have nothing else to do.
my mum bought me some new cosmetics, so i've been on the maybelline website all day finding tutorials on how to blend and make awesome effects.
other than that, nothing interesting has happened.
i wanted to go shopping tomorrow, but my mum said we had to go somewhere. she probably won't tell me 'where' until we're in the car on the way to 'wherever'. as usual.
my back hurtsss. i must have slept in a bad position, again.
we bought some mexican food for dinner last night from a new shop that opened nearby. now, mexican food has always been my fave, but this time it was disgusting. i got a chicken taco and the chicken had a bad smell. obviously, it hadn't been cooked properly.the cheese was rock hard, and the salad had a dirt taste to it. oh, and the taco shell tasted like plastic. it didn't even come with guacamole :'(. that's one place we definitely won't be eating from again.
anyway so after eating the bad mexican food, i had a bad stomach ache. but then i talked to rain_panda on the phone and it went away :D.
am i boring you yet? or were you already bored?
you must be bored. so i'm going to stop this pointless post now.
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K. SO. it's the last day of this term. no school for two weeks >:D
oh and join
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oh, pain. oh, suffering.

before i start... thank you SO much andrea_brite for making me my 'the oc' lj icon <3 plz visit her site peach blush right now.
my left arm is killing me from yesterdays injection :'(. everyone was going on about how the vaccine didn't hurt at all. i, actually, thought it did hurt. it must have been because i was straining my arm, as i absoloutely dread injections.
last night i was so tired, yet, i made myself study for the algebra exam and guess what. he was absent today! instead my favorite algebra teacher from 7th grade took our class >:D.
selina hasn't come to school for the past few days. i have a feeling she'll turn up tomorrow and be all hugging me and using that "you're my best friend" line that she apparently uses on 3 other people :/.
my cousin katerina left for brazil again :'(. oh and mum says we might be going to london next year to see my uncles new baby :D (come with me, sophia 8D) and then from london, we have to go to spain to visit some other relatives. *sigh*.
ah btw btw. i have a myspace account. [x]
lmfao i don't even know why i got one, i have no idea what to do with it. but anyway, show me some lovin' and add me k? <3 i'm going to katherine's house after school tommorow to watch new episodes of that '70s show that i haven't seen before >:D. right then. i'm racking my brains for more things to type but i guess that's enough for now.
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yo yo

this weekend was just the same as all others. i completed most of my algebra homework last night so i wouldn't have to stress about it tonight. i just want to relax and not take any care for it, even though i should be studying for my major algebra exam which was delayed to tuesday as the teacher forgot last week. omg haha i just remembered... this week is the last week of school before the two week break. thank you god. i need this holiday more than ever.
i talked to vicky yesterday. she said that her day with katherine was a bore and she'd wished i was there with her. haha.
i also talked to rain_panda. i honestly don't know what i'd do without sophia. she is the greatest friend ever, i'm very lucky to have her :D.
k more updates later on this week.
btw i'm thinking of making this lj friends only. i'm still thinking about it but it's a definite possibility. goodbye!
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