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aftershave kristi

just... don't ask

New York
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...so i'm pretty boring

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aim, alcohol, all american rejects, allendale columbia, art, autumn, bagel bites, band-aids, belle and sebastian, black & white photography, black hair, boys, caffeine, camp, candles, cartoons, cd's, cds, chapstick, cheese, chemistry, chicago, chocolate, claire conwell, clothes, coffee, comics, computers, cuddling, cursive, da vinci, debates, drawing, dvds, evanescence, eyeliner, family guy, flip-flops, flirting, fog, food, fractions, frapuccinos, french, friends, glam, glitter, gmail, guys, hallelujah, halloween, him, hot chocolate, hot guys, ice cream, imaginary love, internet, ipods, italian food, itunes, jack johnson, jeans, johnny depp, keane, kisses, kittens, lacoste, led zeppelin, lipgloss, lipstick, love, love letters, macs, makeup, making out, marc antony, marilyn monroe, mexican food, movies, music, music videos, my computer, my friends, neon colors, new york city, orlando bloom, painting, pajamas, pale skin, peaches, people, peppermint patties, photography, photoshop, pink, pizza, poetry, polka dots, pretty boys, pretty things, rain, red lipstick, roses, shoes, shopping, simple plan, singing, skiing, sleep, sleeping in, sleepovers, snow, snow days, snow patrol, socks, something corporate, spaghetti, spending money, spider-man, st pauls, starbucks, stripes, sum 41, surveys, taco bell, tacos, taking back sunday, tea, tennis, the ataris, the beatles, the internet, the killers, the mall, the postal service, the strokes, theatre, thrift stores, tobey maguire, tv, uploading things, videogames, webcamming, weezer, you