refried papermache (tsu_) wrote,
refried papermache

Infanta Sailor OP (navy):

Lief Ornamental skirt (long)

BTSSB juliette chiffon blouse (pink):

Angelic Pretty Powder Rose ribbon JSK (pink)

Angelic Pretty gelato stripe JSK (mint)

Angelic Pretty polkadot cardigan (saxe)

Angelic Pretty Marshmallow Bunny salopette (saxe)

Jane Marple golden goose fairytale OP (pink/sunset)

Emily Temple cute Wonderland skirt (black):

Emily Temple cute ribbon cardigan

MINTneko polkadot bustle cutsew

Emily Temple cute triple frill bolero (red)

Emily Temple cute ribbon bolero (yellow):

Emily Temple cute macaron cutsew

MILK hershey's chocolate long tee:

MILK clockworld skirt (pink):

Bodyline ribbon cardigan (brown):

Innocent World lace bolero (kinari):

Jane Marple 3-way tartan bag:

Sex Pot Revenge shredded hem knit OP:

Jane Marple bomber jacket (khaki):
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