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[uni!verse] Chapter 4

Title: Be Cool, Stay In School!
Fandom: SuJu
Pairing: Kyumin
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1 074
Notes: Ok, I've beens stupid busy with class and stalking SuJu this month that I've had little to no time to write. But I did get a Kangin air!kiss, SO LIFE IS GOOD. Here is some wildly crappy uni!verse! Plot develops slightly but not really! *fails!*

|Prologue|Chpt 1|Chpt 2| Chpt 3|

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[fic] Him, Her, and Geng; Sihan

Title: Him, Her, and Geng
Fandom: SuJu
Pairing: Sihan
Rating: Pg-13
Word Count: 925
Notes: Li Yin's new MV!verse Sihan. Because even if there's a female love interest, those boys cannot help but ghei it up. I'm dedicating this to hoyah because she flails with me, and simply because she is awesome. Warnings for awkward style and no reference to anyone's names except for Hannie!

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