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three blues, two greens and a beer

[fic] Just a Moment; Kangteuk

Title: Just a Moment
Fandom: SuJu
Pairing: Kangteuk
Rating: PG
Word Count: 137
Notes: O HAI GUYS, FANCY MEETING YOU HERE. So... epic amounts of time later, I decided to actually write something. Stupidly short and vaguely pretensious, so be warned. Because those pictures of the Kangteuk kiss from SSII: Electric Bogaloo make me smoopy and happy. ♥ This is NOT for Mei, because SHE got to see them do it live. CRIESFOREVER.


It’s just one of those moments;

Their eyes catch, the roar of (love, devotion) the fans ringing in their
ears over the music, and Jungsoo smiles.

He could never resist returning the smile, his own mood melting away into
that happy glow as he watched Jungsoo’s lips stretch further, his teeth
catching the light and dazzling him.

So he smiles back, as Jungsoo comes closer, as Jungsoo cups his face, as
Jungsoo kisses him sloppily on the cheek for a fraction of the second.

Jungsoo laughs as he pulls away -all sweat and glow and perfection-
and the screams that follow it would deafen him if he could hear anything
over the beating of his heart pounding in his ears.

Yes, Youngoon decided as happiness curled warm in his belly, it was just
one of those moments.

Tags: eeteuk, fic, kangin, kangteuk, suju

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