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[fic] Sin and Salvation

Title: Sin and Salvation
Fandom: SuJu
Pairing: Siwon/Heechul
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 500
Notes: THIS IS BIRTHDAY!FIC FOR MY EVERY FANTASTIC AND BELOVE'D halcyon_morn. Excuse the vaguely horrible and awkward fic and may you continue on being just that fraction more awesome than all you surround ♥. 새일촉하합니다 우리 사랑한 오빠~ 행복 많이 받을 꺼야~♥♥♥

It was one of those things that Siwon knew would happen.

Ever since he had joined Super Junior- no ever since the first time he had
met Heechul- he knew one day, for some reason, Heechul would corrupt
him. He had felt the vague dread tugging at the back of his mind whenever
he got close to the older boy, some odd warning flashing out dully from his

Heechul was unselfconscious, truthful, and godless.

Perhaps it was his upbringing that had brought about his worry whenever
he sat next to him, every time their eyes met and Heechul’s eyes would
flash with something, and Siwon’s stomach would knot into some foreign
feeling. He worried him, which he told himself over and over that was silly,
that there was no basis for his worry, and that Heechul was simply another
one of God’s beautiful creatures turned astray by doubt and a jaded view of
the world. Heechul was complicated, and his friend was a test that God had
blessed him with, that there was something for him to learn from his
experiences. Heechul was someone who would help him become a stronger,
better person.

Heechul was unselfconscious, truthful, and godless.

Heechul was everything that Siwon wasn’t.

It had lasted less than a couple of seconds, but it had felt like time had slowed
to a sluggish, clichéd crawl: he watched, wide eyed as Heechul’s fingers
curved around his chin, tilting his face up. He watched the way Heechul smiling
lips came down over his own, he felt how soft they were, like a girls lips aught
to feel and taste, and then it was over. Simple, quick, efficient. The crowd’s roar
mixed with the pounding of his heart in his ears. So when Heechul pulled his
face back, smirked and stuck his tongue out at the crowed, when Siwon accepted
what had just happened as fate, a little something cracked, slivered, and broke
inside of him.

He picked up the beat without a moments thought and the song continued.

(“You liked it, didn’t you?” Heechul’s lips were so close they were almost
brushing over his own, the movement of the words ghosting across his face like
a prayer. Heechul was sitting in his lap, straddling him, naked flesh against flesh,
and Siwon’s fingers dug into Heechul’s hips at the words. It’s weeks, soon to be
months later, and they hadn’t talked about it, not really, but they both know what
Heechul was talking about. Siwon says nothing, but closes the distance between
their lips. Heechul’s fingers twined in his hair, and one hand goes down to trace
out the simple little cross that hung around Siwon’s neck. The room is sticky with
warmth and sin, and Siwon savors completely, it in a way he never though his
faith would allow him to. Heechul shifts his hips closer and Siwon swear that
Heechul was never meant to be a test.

He swears that Heechul was sent to him as his salvation.)
Tags: heechul, sichul, siwon, suju
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