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[uni!verse] Chapter 5

Title: Be Cool, Stay In School!
Fandom: SuJu
Pairing: Kyumin
Rating: PG
Word Count: 992
Notes: *hids* Ok, life. She is busy. I've had zero time to read the stuff I have to for a class let alone write fic. But here she be! And update! God, does anyone remember what the hell happened in Chpt 4?! *bricks self* Anyways, enjoy!

|Prologue|Chpt 1|Chpt 2|Chpt 2.5|Chpt 3|Chpt 4|


“When did life get so weird, Kibum? When?”

The older boy glanced up from the books and notes he had sprawled out on the
kitchen table, an eyebrow cocked up in amusement. Kyuhyun lay sprawled out,
face down, on the living room floor, easily viewable from Kibum’s spot in the
kitchen. Kibum managed to look vaguely amused and uninterested, but Kyuhyun
could tell that the older boy was actually listening to him. It was more than he
could say about his other roommate.

“Dare I even ask what you’re talking about?”

“No,” Kyuhyun sighed melodramatically, pushing himself up onto his elbows and
resting his chin on his palm. “No, it’s best you don’t. But I think people hate me or
I should hate them or… or something. My live has gotten awkward and complicated.”

“Kyuhyun, you’ve been spending-”

“-Spending way too much time around me,” Heechul announced, cutting Kibum off
as he walked into the kitchen, delicately stepping over Kyuhyun to get there. “Thank

Kibum laughed and Heechul mouthed a ‘things’ll work out, I swear’ when Kibum
wasn’t looking, and really, Kyuhyun thinks it’s when he started university that things
got weird, even if he laughs along with Kibum. (He’ll never admit it, but at that
moment Kyuhyun thought that maybe, possibly, slightly, Heechul was a good


He was half relived when he saw Kangin again the next morning near his philosophy
class, a clear plastic cup of something that looked caramel and icy in one hand and a
smile on his face. He was also half afraid, because he remembered Sungmin recounted
tales of how Kangin seemed to also have a degree in kicking ass and taking names,
and no problem with letting people know. He fought down the need to flee and
possibly never set foot anywhere Kangin might go ever again, but then Kangin waved
brightly and clucked his tongue impatiently when Kyuhyun didn’t move fast enough.

“Listen, kid, I know I’m hot,” he stated, an arm around Kyuhyun’s shoulder bringing
the younger closer, and pulling him along to stroll down the hallway. “You’re lovely
and all, but you’re just too young for me. I like ‘um older, kiddo. I’m sorry if my
touchy-feely make you think I wanted you. And you were drunk. We all do stupid
shit when we’re drunk!” Kangin accented this with a wild hand gesture that just about
hit a poor girl as she walked by. “But you’re just precious and you’re like a puppy that
I want to feed and make fetch stuff for me. Get it?”

Kyuhyun paused for half a moment to catch up on his thoughts.

“I… I’m not going to actually fetch things for you, if that’s what you’re implying here.”

Kangin laughed, loud and real, and Kyuhyun gave himself a mental high-five for not
screwing up life completely.

“Now, tell me,” Kangin said, pulling Kyuhyun a little closer and turning around to
walk back to classroom. “Did’ja puke because of the tequila or have you gained
something resembling an alcohol tolerance?”


(He doesn’t give it a second thought when his TA walks into the room, sipping an
iced coffee drink, the same as Kangin had. He does notice the slightly dark look
he shoots at Kyuhyun, a few seconds afterwards.)


It was in the line for pizza when Kyuhyun felt a tap to his shoulder.

“Hey, you’re Sungmin’s friend, right?” a girl, the girl from the bathroom,
chirped happily when he turns to face her.

“I… yeah,” he muttered back, his mind chanting ‘fuck, fuck, fuck” as he tried to stop
himself from hyperventilating. Her smile brightened considerably.

“I’m Sooyoung, Sungmin’s under classmate. We…” she trailed off a little, her smile
going lop-sided and embarrassed. “We met at Sungmin’s party.”

As if Kyuhyun needed the reminder. He managed to struggle out a small, vaguely
natural looking smile, his stomach churning a little with childish jealousy.

“Now, since you’re Sungmin’s friend and all, I think we should get to know each other
a bit.” Kyuhyun turned to pay for his food, taking the moment he wasn’t facing her to
compose himself a little. Kyuhyun had to admit that she’s a pretty girl and if Sungmin
was dating her, then he better get used to her. If he wanted to stay friends with the
other boy, he’d just have to suck it up and push whatever feelings he had out of the
way and act like a grown up. After all, he reasoned, isn’t that what university was
supposed to be teaching him? To be an adult and all?

“That sounds great,” he said, a proper smile fixed on his lips this time. A though of
perhaps joining the drama club Heechul ran flashed though his brain. “Let’s have
lunch together. You’ve got time?”

Sooyoung blushed a little, her hair bobbing and Kyuhyun wondered what the hell he
was getting himself into.


It’s also later that evening when, while dutifully trying to write a paper for his crappy
elective course, that his phone happily dinging with a text message. He fliped his
phone open, happy to get a quick distraction.

I know you’re procrastinating.
I’m outside, I have coffee, lemme in

Sungmin’s number glared up at him and he took a few seconds to mouth out “oh crap”
at the screen before there’s a knock at his door. It took Kyuhyun another few seconds
to realize that Kibum was in the process of opening the door for Sungmin.

“Oh crap!” Kyuhyun squeaked (which, he reminded himself, was very unmanly of
him), almost dropping his cell.

Kyuhyun was calmly pretend-writing when Sungmin barged into the room, drinks in
hand. It took all of four seconds before Kyuhyun said the first thing to Sungmin in
almost a week;

“I’m going on a date with Sooyoung’s friend Sunny tomorrow.”

This time, Sungmin was the one who almost dropped the contents in his hands, the
coffee almost spilling on Kyuhyun’s bedroom carpet.

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