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[uni!verse] Chpt 2 Offshoot

Title: Be Cool, Stay In School! Side Story
Fandom: SuJu
Pairing: Kangteuk
Rating: R
Word Count: 774
Notes: I'VE FINALLY FINISHED IT. This has been in the works for like a month, because I fail and haven't been able to finish it/was working on it the same time as uni!verse 5. This takes place in Chpt 2. So, um, enjoy the random Kangteuk? :D?

|Prologue|Chpt 1|Chpt 2|Chpt 3|Chpt 4|


It was about six when Eeteuk heard a knock on his door. He shoved his paperwork
into a folder and into his drawer because, judging by the way the door shook at the
heavy bangs, he could guess exactly who it was. He probably wouldn’t be able to
get much done tonight, now.

“Fuck,” he exclaimed once he finally got the door open. Kangin leaned against the
door frame, hand raised to knock another time, smile across his lips at Eeteuk’s
annoyed expression. “Do you have to bang on it like I’m def?”

Kangin’s grin widened.

“What can I say, you’re getting old on me. I brought you stuff,” he happily chirped
back, pulling up a dark plastic bag into Eeteuk’s line of vision and sidestepping into
the apartment’s small hallway. “And by stuff I mean dinner!” Eeteuk turned his back
on Kangin to shut the door, and Kangin placed the bag on the side-table with an audible
thunk. Eeteuk turned at the noise, but Kangin pulled him forward, pressing him
up flush against his body, his back pressed into the door, to whisper in his ear: “And by
dinner I mean booze and sex.”

Eeteuk groaned in annoyance at how ridiculous Kangin could be as the younger began
to mouth hungrily at his neck, but he still ran his fingers through Kangin’s hair none
the less.

“As I remember, your favourite meal,” Eeteuk quipped back. “I was prepping for my
tutorials, you know. You’re ‘dinner’ is going to get in the way of that,” he scolded
even though he tilted his head a little to help Kangin smooth the shoulder of his
sweater away, his voice wavering just a little.

“Missed you,” he mumbled against Eeteuk’s neck before bringing his head up to kiss
the shorter man. Eeteuk couldn’t help the jolt of pleasure that ran through him at the
words, even if they had been away for a few days. Eeteuk pulled himself back slightly,
lips still grazing each other.

“It’s been a weekend, you idiot. And how’s the family?” Kangin gave a groan of
displeasure at Eeteuk’s question, grinding himself against Eeteuk and bringing their
lips back together briefly.

“Horribly cheesy. You know how mum is,” he replied and Eeteuk can’t help but let
his head fall back to laugh, his arms wrapping around Kangin’s neck. He pushed the
younger backwards and into the hall.

“Still thinking you’re dating a lovely girl who lives with her parents and can’t get
away for a weekend to visit?” Eeteuk purred against Kangin’s lips, pushing them
further into his apartment until Kangin is forced to sit down on the worn couch,
Eeteuk still standing before him. “Did she ask about me?”

Kangin’s breath catches as he watched Eeteuk start to unbutton his shirt, pulling his
own off quickly.

“Yes, she says hello, she misses you, and to…” he trailed off, his phone vibrating in
his pocket. “… to come over for dinner soon. I love how you have her wrapped
around your pinkie, you know.” Eeteuk’s smile turns to a self-satisfied grin as Kangin
picks up his phone, a finger on his lip to shush Eeteuk.

“What’s up, kiddo?” Kangin said into the receiver, eyes still on Eeteuk as the older
boy finishes removing his shirt, letting it drop from his arms to pool on the floor.

“I seriously doubt you’re life is completely fucked up.” Eeteuk took a half step
forward, kneeling down in front of Kangin and pushing his legs apart despite the
fact that Kangin seemed rather eager at teasing whomever was calling him.

“Is this about Sungmin and him molesting you at that party last Saturday?” Kangin
laughed, switching his phone from one ear to the other. Eeteuk’s smile turns to a
slight grimace.

“You’re not paying attention,” he mouthed silently, and Kangin had to bit his lip
hard to stop from moaning when Eeteuk pulled his cock out and-

There was a brief pause where both heard nothing but the slick, wet sound of
Eeteuk’s mouth and a distant “Uh, you still there Kangin? Hello?” coming from
Kangin’s phone.

“Ok listen kid, I’m a little busy here. You have a class tomorrow or something I
can sit in on and we can talk then?” Kangin manages to breathe out before snapping
his phone closed and throwing it on the other side of the couch. Eeteuk pulled back,
his grin back on his now slicked lips.

“Have I told you lately you’re my favourite?” Kangin questioned his voice rough
and low as he threads his fingers through Eeteuk’s hair.

"Yup," Eeteuk sing-songed, dipping his head down again.

Tags: fic, kangin, kyuhyun, kyumin, suju, uni!verse

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