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[uni!verse] Chapter 4

Title: Be Cool, Stay In School!
Fandom: SuJu
Pairing: Kyumin
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1 074
Notes: Ok, I've beens stupid busy with class and stalking SuJu this month that I've had little to no time to write. But I did get a Kangin air!kiss, SO LIFE IS GOOD. Here is some wildly crappy uni!verse! Plot develops slightly but not really! *fails!*

|Prologue|Chpt 1|Chpt 2| Chpt 3|


Kyuhyun’s mind was oddly blank (though probably from shock, he reasoned later) as
he all but ran out of the room, to get away from what he saw. He couldn’t really think
of anything but Sungmin’s hand on, up he mentally corrected himself, up her skirt, and
his kiss bruised lips.

“Jesus fucking- urg!” he muttered to himself when his hip smacked into the table in
the hall with a wince. It seemed the fates were against him tonight.

“Are you alright?” Kyuhyun looked up to see the boy Donghae had spilt his drink on
a few minutes ago (dabbing at the dark spot on his shirt), his eyebrows cocked up.

“I-yeah, sure. I kinda fail all over right now. Do we know each other?”

“Naw,” the boy said, lopsided smile smoothing itself onto his face. “I’m Shindong.
You?” Kyuhyun feebly stuck his hand out for Shindong to shake, the other hand
covering his throbbing hip.

“Kyuhyun. Lovely to meet you but I kinda think I just saw something I need to drown
myself in beer to wash away the mental picture so-”

“Did Heechul try to undress Siwon again?” Shindong frowned, passing over his own
cup for Kyuhyun to drink, which he downed in a swing to try and burn out that second
mental picture.


All of 10 minutes later Kyuhyun had gotten into the kitchen fridge and was eagerly
finishing his fourth beer, and reaching for another. It seemed that the foreign exchange
student was terribly good to talk to; Hankyung had been looking around the kitchen
when Kyuhyun had come in, and stuck around to have a drink with Kyuhyun, stating
that he really didn’t know too many people so Kyuhyun had taken the initiative and
began to talk. Hankyung seemed to have the ability to look terribly interested,
sympathetic, and mildly confused as he tried to keep up with Kyuhyun’s disjointed
muttering between his drinking.

“I swear, I don’t even know what I feel so I guess it’s a little hard to justify being
angry or, oh fuck, jealous or something because that would be a little presumptuous and
it’s not like I know if the feelings, if there even are any feelings mind you, were return
and basically things may either be really awkward for me or really relieving but I’m
thinking I might jus- is that tequila?”

Hankyung, who had been nodding in agreement every few words accenting some parts
with a friendly pat to the shoulder for the duration of Kyuhyun’s rambling, picked up
the bottle the younger boy had pointed at for a closer look, squinting at the label.

“Yes, that is tequila?” he ventured, his accent shining through his words. He was a
little reluctant to pass over the bottle to the tipsy boy, but Kyuhyun plucked it from his

“Awesome,” Kyuhyun replied, opening the bottle to take a swig.


It was another 10 minutes after Kyuhyun had gotten a hold of the tequila that Kangin
had gotten a hold of Kyuhyun as he stumbled his way out of the living room.

“Fuck, kid, I thought you didn’t want to puke again like last time.” Kangin caught
Kyuhyun around his shoulders just before the younger boy was going to faceplant
himself into the coffee table.

“Yes, I don’t, but I kinda need to forget something,” he mumbled somewhere in the
region of Kangin’s left bicep before sneeking his arms around his waist. “Also, the
foreign guy is awesome and gave me tequila. Hey, you smell pretty nice, you know

“What?” Kangin tried to pull him away to arms length to check if the younger had
possibly smacked his head on something, but Kyuhyun had locked his fingers. Kangin
was forced to shuffle along in an awkward embrace, half carrying Kyuhyun into the
hall. “You need some cold water to sober you up, kiddo.”

Part of Kyuhyun’s mind scream ‘not the bathroom again!’ but his face was still pressed
against Kangin, so he couldn’t really make much noise. Thankfully, this time the
bathroom was blissfully empty, and he didn’t bash himself against any furniture on the
way. Pushing Kyuhyun over the sink, Kangin began splashing some water onto his face.

“I’m never giving you booze, ever, ok. Ever,” Kangin muttered. When he was finished,
he passed Kyuhyun a hand towel, half amused half worried look crossing his face.
“You’re so not the best drunk. You should remember that, it’s a key point here.”

Kangin was gentle with him, and always so nice, so in Kyuhyun’s mind, it seemed like a
perfectly good idea to push Kangin up against the wall and an even better idea to pull
the older boy into a terribly messy open-mouthed kiss. So when he actually did, his
tequila-addled mind might just have screamed “showed you, Sungmin’ in response.

That is, until Kangin pushed him away, holding Kyuhyun at arms length, angry flush on
his face.

“Fuck, kid, what the hell?!”

“You smelled good,” Kyuhyun said plainly in mild disappointment at being yelled at,
words only stumbling slightly. “And you take care of me and you’re nice. And you were
just about feeling me up in my tutorial, so I thou-”

“For the love of- People tend to ask before- The tutorial thing was because-” Kangin
accented each fragmented, stiff sentence with a small shake. “What the fuck’s gotten
into you?”

“I- it’s just, I might have seen Sungmin with some girl so I’m kinda… muddled up or
something?” he muttered, hand coming up to brush the water off his cheeks he forgot
to wipe off, only to belatedly realize that he just might have been crying a little. It was
official; he was never going to drink anywhere near anyone from school ever again.
“I’m sorry, I kinda fail right now.”

Kangin stared at him for a few moments before pulling him into a loose, brotherly hug.

“I swear, I’m never helping anyone out with their stupid relationship crap ever again,
you hear me? You kids are too confusing.”


The phone picked up with a loud rustle in his ear.

“Kinda busy here, Kangin. What is-”

“It’s the kid.”

“Hmm? Naw, that’s sorted out, I saw him tonight.”

“Ok, for once I was completely wrong about something.”

“Whoa, you’re admitting you’re- wait. You mean he…”

A brief moment of silence. “Well fuck.”

“Yeah. Just… don’t tell Jungsu, ok? I’ll never hear the end of it.”


Ignore the crap this is, and how I've made things even more complicated than before! *is bricked*
Tags: fic, hankyung, kangin, kyuhyun, kyumin, shindong, suju, sungmin, uni!verse
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