three blues, two greens and a beer (tryingtosay_) wrote,
three blues, two greens and a beer

[uni!verse] Chapter 2

Title: Be Cool, Stay In School!
Fandom: SuJu
Pairing: Kyumin
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 845
Notes: uni!verse update. Wow, this took a long time. I blame finals and freaking about going to Korea in 10 days. I swear more will come quicker now! And that there will be more than just Kyuhyun flailing everywhere and some actual plot! :D!

|Prologue| Chpt 1|


There were times when Kyuhyun really disliked how observant his cousin was.

“Stop it,” Kibum muttered before taking a deep drink from his mug. Kyuhyun
turned from the mindless show they had been watching to stare at Kibum,
confusion making his eyes round and his lips part slightly.

“I’m… wait, what??”

“I said, stop it.” He rolled his eyes before smacking his cousin’s arm. “You’ve
got that look that’s half way between thoughtful and constipated, which means
something’s wrong. What’s bothering you lately?”

“It’s just, I mean that is, I just… wait, what?” Kyuhyun stuttered, the images of
Sungmin’s lips on his own flashing through his mind causing him to blush wildly.
Kibum rolled his eyes.

“Is this because of Sungmin? Avoiding him isn’t the best idea.” Kyuhyun felt that
this was truly a low point, as he choked on his own spit, wondering if Kibum was
actually psychic instead of just in psychology. Kibum let a slight grin break out on
his lips (‘oh the amusement that having your cousin choke to death brings!’ Kyuhyun
thought morbidly) before replying. “If you don’t want to be sick from too much booze,
just tell him you don’t want to go to anymore parties. He’s great at twisting words
around until you agree to come along. Just be firm. He’ll bitch for a while, but he’s
good about those kinds of things.”

Kibum gave a smug smile before turning back to the television.

“I- er- yeah, thanks?” Kyuhyun, slightly stunned with his throat still burning, mentally
thanked anyone he could that Kibum was only mildly observant before turning away
stiffly and pretending nothing had happened.


Kyuhyun had decided the best thing to do was to talk to Heechul, seeing as he and
Sungmin were rather inseparable. He seemed the kind of person to laugh his ass off
at your situation and use it as good blackmail material in the future, but then give you
the proper kind of advice. That, and Heechul was the easiest person to chat with, as
he seemed to lounge around the dorm all morning long. Kyuhyun was all burning cheeks
as he stuttered out the story in the kitchen almost a week after the party, not able to
look Heechul in the eye at all.

“I’ve got no clue what the hell to do!” he cried out pitifully, letting his head rest down
on the kitchen table.

“You’ve come to the right person,” he had drawled, lips resting in a perfectly innocent
simple above steepled fingers. “I’m one of Sungmin’s good friends, so I do know
him best. And I have the perfect plan for you:”

Kyuhyun glanced up hopefully as Heechul gave a dramatic pause. “Go ask Kangin.
He’s probably better at this. Plus, they live together. He should know if he’s pining
away in his room about you.”

He let his head smack down against the table again with a loud groan.


“Generally?” Kyuhyun muttered into his phone, trying to hold onto it with his shoulder
as he filled up a container of salad for his dinner. “Generally, I’m fucked. I have no clue
what to do about… well, about-”

“Is this about Sungmin and him molesting you at that party last Saturday?” Kangin’s
voice crackled across the connection, though it was hard to miss the mirth through the
crappy connection, and Kyunhyun almost dropped the container in shock.

“Is that what he told you?!” He covered the receiver, hissing into it as though everyone
in the restaurant could hear him. He glanced back and forth quickly before continuing.
“No, no no, no molestation, it was just a very-not-drunk kiss. What on earth should I do?”

There was a brief pause where Kyuhyun heard nothing but static and a distant ruffling
noise. “Uh, you still there Kangin? Hello?”

“Ok listen kid, I’m a little busy here. You have a class tomorrow or something I can
sit in on and we can talk then?”

Kyuhyun huffs against the sneeze guard of the salad bar and wished life wasn’t quite
so difficult.


Kangin was already sitting in Kyuhyun’s tutorial by the time he walks in, looking
intently at a notebook, a pair of glasses perched on his nose and a beanie pulled
over bed-head (Kyuhyun could clearly see bits of hair peeking out haphazardously).
Kyuhyun plopped down beside him, taking a quick peek at what he was reading.

“Jesus, I didn’t know you were being serious when you said you were in bio-
engineering.” Kyuhyun sputtered when he actually caught sight of the book, hardly
able to read half of what was written. Kangin laughed and smacked him in the arm
playfully. Just about everyone else had filtered into the classroom by now.

“Photographic memory is a beautiful thing kid. What class is this again?”

“Intro to philosophy. Pretty basic stuff. It’s good.” Kangin hummed at that, taking a
sip from his paper cup. “The TA’s pretty nice too, tells us to call him by his first name.
It’s Eeteuk, I think?”

Kangin almost choked on his coffee.

Tags: eeteuk, fic, heechul, kangin, kibum, kyuhyun, suju, uni!verse
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