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three blues, two greens and a beer

[uni!verse] Chapter 1

Title: Be Cool, Stay In School!
Fandom: SuJu
Pairing: Kyumin
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 859
Notes: The first installment of uni!verse, which looks to be a long-ish epic thing. It includes both n00b!Kyuhyun and ridiculous!everyone, in the beautiful setting of a non-existing university, somewhere in Seoul. Also, I'm forcing Kyu to be a Classics major, because damned if I don't know the depths of what that's like.



He had woken curled up in the bathtub some time in the late afternoon (if the blinding light coming through the little window was any indication) with a crick in his neck and a face full of pink hair. He shifts, trying to work the ache out of his body despite the pounding of his headache. Sungmin snapped awake at Kyuhyun’s movement, all bleary eyes and messy hair as he looks the younger boy up and down. Sungmin breaks out into a smile as Kyuhyun groans pitifully, the corners of his mouth curling in amusement at the obvious pain.

“You alright, then?” Sungmin’s tone was teasing and happy, and Kyuhyun grimaced in pain. Sungmin had let out a peel of sleep-laced laugher, but leaned over the edge of the tub to push a strand of Kyuhyun’s hair away from his eyes. He paused for a moment before leaning in slightly to kiss him full on the mouth. It was soft; sweet in how he chastely brushed his lips dryly against Kyuhyun’s own parched, cracking lips. “Wash your face. We all go out to breakfast after drinking. Tradition.”

Kyuhyun sat in that bathtub for a full five minutes after Sungmin had left the room, before realizing the boy had kissed him.


Kyuhyun had thought that university would be fun; you know, people studying things they like, everyone getting a higher education, yadda yadda. But standing in the bland looking living room of his dorm suit, he was pretty sure it was actually quite terrifying.

“Close your mouth,” Kibum said while he brushed past where his cousin stood motionless. “You look like a freak. Also, mum’s lipstick is on your cheek.”

Kyuhyun couldn’t even really bring himself to retort to the barb, because his aunt (Kibum’s mother) had fussed wildly when she had dropped the two off, kissing his cheek and saying how sweet it was that the two cousins would room with each other, so he scrubbed furiously at his cheek and did indeed close his mouth.

Heechul had swanned into Kyuhyun’s room (as he unpacked his underpants, truth to be told), demanding he be introduced to Kibum’s ‘daaarling’ little cousin who he would be joining their little dorm.

“You’re adorable,” he had cooed, as though Kyuhyun was a cat (though he found out later that Heechul actually owned a cat and cooed at him in just the same fashion), with a slippery smile gracing his lips. “You’ll be a lovely addition to mix. Careful though, I walk around naked!”

The gaping mouth look crossed his face once again, until Kibum poked his head into the room to let him know that Heechul was just joking, and that he should know with a year of living together already under his belt. This was also when Heechul was majoring in the dramatic arts, and that he could really trust nothing the older boy said.


“Ah, so you didn’t die,” Kangin laughed over top his menu, far too cheery for Kyuhyun’s hangover to handle. Sungmin had only managed to round up Kangin and Heechul to come along, and they had all stumbled sleepily into the little diner just down the street. “Good to hear! I was a little worried last night, man. You really puked your brains out.”

Kyuhyun just sunk deeper into his chair as a blush rose in blotches on his pale face. Sungmin looked from Kangin to Kyuhyun and back again, confusion skittering over his features before shrugging and waving at the waitress to get their orders.

“Shit,” Sungmin cursed before clucking his tongue, head dipped in annoyance as he swirled his orange juice with his straw. “I didn’t even introduce you to anyone, really.”

“Not like he would have remembered last night,” Heechul laughed, his smile curving up in way which, if his mind wasn’t playing tricks on him, was very reminiscent of last night (and oh god, the recollection of Heechul’s hands on his hips and soft strands of his long hair brushing at his collar as those smirking lips fluttered over his neck came flooding back, causing that blush to drain quicker than he thought possible).

“Shut up, Heechul,” Kangin laughed, and Kyuhyun kinda wished he could just go back to his quiet little dorm room and sleep for the rest of the day and never drink again.


It was probably only fifteen minutes after Heechul had mentally scared him for life that a boy with blazing pink hair stepped into his room, his face covered by a magazine.

“Can you believe this fucking article? I swear, Rella, I’m going to school for nothing because this shit is so-” he takes a second to glance up, “Irrelevant because you’re not Heechul?”

Kyuhyun blinks, a small potted plant in his hand, his mouth curving into an ‘O.’

“No I’m not?” he questions back. “I’m Kyuhyun? Kibum’s cousin, first year Classics major.”

As he watched the boy’s lips curve devilishly into a smile, something at the back of his mind prickling with a premonition that nothing good was going to come of this whole university thing.

Yes, university was going to be quite terrifying.

Tags: fic, heechul, kangin, kibum, kyuhyun, kyumin, suju, sungmin, uni!verse
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