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[fic] Mixtape; Kangteuk

Title: Mixtape
Fandom: SuJu
Pairing: Kangteuk
Rating: G - R
Word Count: 1 420
Notes: That meme that's been going around:

1. Pick a character, pairing, or fandom you like.
2. Put iTunes or equivalent media player on random.
3. For each song that plays, write something related to the theme you picked inspired by the song. You have only the time frame of the song: no planning beforehand: you start when it starts, and no lingering afterward; once the song is over, you stop writing. (No fair skipping songs either; you have to take what comes by chance!)
4. Do 10 of these, then post.

1. New Soul – Yael Naim

He’s not the first person who told Kangin that he was childish, people seems to do that on a regular enough basis, but the Eeteuk really thinks that he’s more of a young soul; Kangin’s too full of energy and strength, that Eeteuk can’t help but sit back and quietly watch the younger man sit and play with a small child or laugh with his whole heart opposed to the clearly fake laugh that spills, forced, from his own lips. But then Kangin turns to him, that bright smile shifting, showing knowledge beyond his years, and when those lips press against his own, he can feel the warmth run through him from the tips of his toe up.

2. España Cañí - Unidad de Música de la Guardia Real

It was only the seventh (or was it the eighth) shot of tequila, so really, Kangin shouldn’t be quite as drunk as he is, or at least he likes to think he can hold his liquor better than this. Eeteuk is overly giggly and wildly drunk, clinging to his left shoulder and Kangin thinks his left foot may be numb, but that doesn’t really stop him from pulling at Eeteuk’s hair. The older boy stares up at him with happy, alcohol glazed eyes, hardly noting that Kangin’s hands had mussed up his ponytail, the tips of his hair sticking up oddly, the brown striping the pale peach of Kangin’s fingers as they laced through them. Eeteuk makes a tiny noise in the back of his throat as he presses his lips, wet and slop, against his Eeteuk’s, and from the way his other hand was working to undo Eeteuk’s buttons, he knew they both would regret drinking so much in the morning.

3. Once in a Lifetime – Shinhwa

It was one of those times when Eeteuk just couldn’t take it anymore; he sat on the bathroom floor, still humid and slippery from whomever had just had a shower, fat tears roll down his cheeks as he tugs at his clothes, at his hair, as though nothing feels like it fits anymore, not his clothes not his smile not even his own skin. His breathing is ragged and rough when Kangin finally manages to jimmy open the lock. He doesn’t say anything, and Eeteuk’s glad because he doesn’t need false words of comfort, he needs something tangible and painful, so Kangin just wraps and arm around his shoulders and presses a chaste kiss into his hair. They sit until Eeteuk’s breath evens out, and Eeteuk can bring himself back together, roughly brushing his tear-streaked face clean again.

4. Better – Regina Spektor

Kangin grabs him by the shoulders roughly, pulling Eeteuk closer and crushing their lips together. It’s nothing sweet or kind, teeth knocking together, before Kangin pushes him back.

“Don’t you feel anything at all?” he cries, confusion brushing across his features before kissing him again, feather soft, on his lips on his cheeks on his eyelids on his neck, anywhere he can get to. “I just want to make it better.” and Eeteuk finally thinks he can break down, clasped in that tight grip.

5. O Holy Night – 장리인

It’s bad of them, they’re in an open hallway and they can hear the soft Christmas carol being sung in the next room as someone practices, but that doesn’t stop Eeteuk from kissing a soft trail from Kangin’s neck, down his clothed chest, before sinking down fully and fumbling with the belt buckled. Kangin bites his lips, trying not to cry out when Eeteuk licks slowly at the base of his cock, tongue dancing in time to the music. Kangin can hardly hear it though, the adrenalin roaring in his ears when Eeteuk lets him slip into his waiting mouth, but then Eeteuk hums along with the carol, taking more and more of Kangin each bob of his head. He comes hard, right at the crescendo of the song, and Eeteuk stands up slowly, making sure he has eye contact as he swallows, and Kangin really thinks he may be going to a special level of hell.

6. All I Want Is You – Berry Louis Polisar

“Ew,” states Donghae at their hands, clasped together with Kangin’s thumb brushing sweetly over Eeteuk’s knuckles. Eeteuk’s dimple depends with a smile; Yesung makes puking noises off in the corner, Kangin throws a pillow, and Sungmin laughs, which results in another pillow from Kangin, and Eeteuk’s kind of glad that he and Kangin are sickeningly adorable (or so Heechul had said, scowling over his cereal yesterday when Eeteuk had brushed some crumbs from Kangin’s lips) because he couldn’t really picture them as anything different. He lets Kangin’s hand slip from his when Eunhyuk makes inappropriate hand gestures in their general direction. Yes, he thinks as his stomach begins to hurt from laughter (Eunhyuk’s somehow been smushed into the garbage can and shouting obscenities), he wouldn’t change it for the world.

7. Always – Big Bang

He’d never admit it to anyone, but he kinda really likes Big Bang. So when his player hits their song, he lets his hips move along with the bass as he re-arranges his desk, earphones blaring the song, and searches for his planner in the mess that is his room, muttering the lyrics along as best as he can remember. So of course, he doesn’t hear anyone come in, nor does he see Eeteuk cover his mouth to stifle his laughter at the sight. When Kangin glaces up to see Eeteuk leaning against the door frame, he flushes wildly but still continues to raps along with the track, and at least Eeteuk has the decency to giggle out an apology for not saying anything.

8. Fidelity – Regina Spektor

“I’ve never loved anyone fully,” he mumbles, face bushed a deep red, as Kangin lifts his hand to brush across his warm cheek. “Always one foot on the ground.” He looks up through his lashes, half scared at what will happen if Kangin would kiss him. But he lets him and it’s like a dream (though he won’t remember any details years later, warm in Kangin’s arms, just the panic laced with hope that he remember made his stomach churn with butterflies), and Kangin lets out a small breathy laugh when they part, warm against his lips, as he looks into his eyes.

“Me neither,” he laughed, his arms slipping around him as he lets out another happy laugh.

9. The Habanera (L’amour) from Carmine

Eeteuk swishes up the bar, eyes dancing and flashing with the idea of a new challenge, just itching to start; Kangin’s a sweet boy, all virtuous and kind and engaged, and he thinks it’d be a little difficult to get him, but if there’s one thing Eeteuk knows, it’s that it’s never fun unless there’s a chase. He first saw the bot in the street, his suit pressed and perfect, his petite bride-to-be on his arm with her plain looking hair and dress. Eeteuk had seen him from the doorway, and the thought of having the chance to muss up that perfect suit and see that little girl run away with tears in her eyes sets his body aflame. So when Kangin comes into the bar (looking a little out of sorts when a dancing girl comes up to him, and blushes softly as he declines her company and takes a glass of something weak to nurse), he slips into the booth Kangin had chosen, blessedly hidden in the shadows, he places his secret smiling across his lips.

“How about something a little,” he drawls, plucking the glass from Kangin’s hands, and pressing a something filled with a burgundy liquid into his hands, “Stronger?”

10. One More Night – Stars

They don’t say a word; Eeteuk rides him slow, the warm summer air making their bodies slick with a sheen of sweat as the sheets twist and tangle in their legs. Kangin pushes down a sob and opts to groan as Eeteuk leans a little forward. He lets his hand trace down the smooth expanse of Eeteuk’s back, feeling the muscles work beneath his palms with every movement. His heart’s breaking, and Eeteuk covers his face with poisonous kisses filled with fake promises, because he knows this is all he’s going to get. Eeteuk’s eyes flutter closed as comes, Kangin’s eyes wide to take in every detail of it all before sliding shut as well, orgasm sweeping through him with the lingering nausea.


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