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[fic] Sickness; Kangin + Kyuhyun

Title: Sickness
Fandom: SuJu
Pairing: Kangin and Kyuhyun (platonic)
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 684
Notes: #o78 of the Super Junior 100 Fic Challenge, an AU!university!fic.

“Maybe this wasn’t my smartest idea ever,” he mumbled, one hand pressed
on his clammy forehead as the other attempted to steady him against the wall
as the earth seemed to shift and spin below his feet.

It had seemed like an awesome idea; Sungmin’s lips curved into a wicked smile
as he told him about the amazing party that was going on at his dorm that night
and how that hot girl from his second year philosophy class was ‘totally coming too
and really, how does one turn down an eager Sungmin? He had agreed
and Sungmin had squeaked happily.

Kyuhyun had worried his lip at the thought of his first university party (and
remembered all the lectures his parents had given him about being responsible
and not wasting his education and that partying led to bad grades and drop-outs
and disappointment), but had agreed none the less. He could at least go for an
hour and then get back to studying, easy peasy.

But Sungmin had other ideas; being the youngest at the party (which, he might
add, did not include hot philo girl at all) and having Sungmin scream that you
were the youngest at the party, seem to be university code for “make this kid
drink his weight in beer and shots, a-s-fucking-a-p.” Kyuhyun had cringed at
each gulp at first, but about half way through his ninth beer, he decided that he
didn’t much mind the taste of alcohol burning down his throat, and that the way
that senior Heechul was stroking his hip and whispering into his ear felt rather
nice, and that second year Donghae really knew how to dance with that foreign
exchange student, and that this whole idea of being in the university party scene
was actually pretty friggin sweet.

Sungmin had breezed over, something decidedly acid pink sloshing about in an
oh-so-cliché red plastic cup, some time after Kyuhyun’s fourteenth drink of the
evening and bodily pushed him up against the wall, tongue slipping easily into
Kyuhyun’s mouth as he kissed him all hot and sugary sweet. He let his wide eyes
sink shut as Sungmin did something fantastic with his tongue and his hands
sneaking up under Kyuhyun’s polo.

“I… I think I’ve had too much to drink,” Kyuhyun had stammered, quite confused
after Sungmin pulled back with a satisfied smack of his lips. “I may have to puke?”

“College sickness, Hyunnie, ” Sungmin had laughed, his nails still tracing patters
on Kyuhyun’s stomach.

He really didn’t quite know how he had actually managed to get to the washroom
(he remembers Sungmin pulling him to the hallway, and perhaps something to do
with Hyukjae, but never the less the other boy was no where to be seen) nor could
he quite remember puking quite this much ever in his life.

“Whoa, kid,” a deep voice had called from above his head, as he was tad bit
busy acquainting himself with the toilet bowl to look up. “Easy now, just let it
all come up. You’ll be all right in a minute.”

The press of a cool wet cloth on his neck was something heavenly, and that
voice kept murmuring kind things above his head, like ‘it happens to everyone’
and ‘keep in it the bowl, I don’t need that on my shoes’. It knocked his faith in
the youth of today up a notch to see someone kind enough to mother him a little
while he was hurling his brains out. When his stomach felt good and empty,
Kyuhyun managed to tilt his head up a little to catch a glimpse of his saviour.

“Hi,” he had chirped, that damp cloth in one hand, a beer in the other. “Kangin,
third year bio-engineering. ‘Heard you were Sungmin’s firstie. You need to build
up a decent tolerance to be with that boy.”

“You may be my hero forever,” Kyuhyun muttered, though a second later Kangin
took a giant swig of his drink and laugher rang in Kyuhyun's ears as his stomach
heaved at the sight. "I'm never drinking again."

“Welcome to university, kid!”


Oooh uni~ ♥
Tags: 100 super junior fic challenge, fic, kangin, kyuhyun, kyumin, suju, uni!verse
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