three blues, two greens and a beer (tryingtosay_) wrote,
three blues, two greens and a beer

[fic] The Same Old Thing; Yeteuk

Title: The Same Old Thing
Fandom: SuJu
Pairing: Eeteuk/Yesung
Rating: R
Word Count: 318
Notes: AU; #79 of the Super Junior 100 Fic Challenge


Eeteuk’s looks up through his lashes, eyes lined thick with kohl smudges
that stain too dark against his alabaster skin. There’s a hand
splayed on his naked hip, rough and worn and bruising, and he tilts
his head back a fraction as he pushes into the touch. The man before
him is dressed as though ready for a funeral (he finds it rather ironic,
really), the dark silks of his suit soft against the stiff, crisp lines of
his shirtsleeves and Eeteuk finds he likes the way the fabric slides
against his skin as he rolls his hips just so. The man, Yesung if he
remembers correctly, reaches out to run a thumb slowly over
Eeteuk’s lips before he kisses him, deep and searching and unabashed.

Yesung fucks Eeteuk roughly throughout the room. He starts by
pressing him against the cold door, smooth, long, controlled thrusts
that make him gasp at every push. He lays him splayed shameless
across the desk, creamy thighs pushed apart as he picks up his pace,
making Eeteuk’s back arch while his lips form soundless words.
Yesung finally pushes him hard, face down, against the soft sheets of
the bed, mattress yielding as Eeteuk cries out for more, grinds himself
into the motions, rolls his hips back, drawing out his moans, waits
until he’s sure Yesung is blinded by pleasure and spilling deeply inside
him. Falling against the sheets beside Eeteuk, Yesung’s eyes fluttering
closed, chest heaving, gasping as he tries to regain his breath.

But it’s the same old thing, Eeteuk thinks, resting just a moment before
he reaches under the pillow, grasping at the cool metal of the gun he’s
placed there. He sighs slightly at the lack of challenge with this one, but
a hit is a hit and money is still money he thinks as he pulls the trigger,
the heavy smell of blood covering the lingering scent of sex

Tags: 100 super junior fic challenge, eeteuk, fic, suju, yesung
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