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[fic] Hallowe'en; band!fic

Title: Hallowe'en
Fandom: SuJu
Pairing: Band!fic, but some Kangteuk, Eunhae, and random little hints.
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1 401
Notes: Alternately titled "I Hate You All" or "I Have Too Much Fun With Holidays". Happy Hallowe'en, everyone~! ♥


Eeteuk likes to think he’s a kind and understanding leader,
one who indulges those under his care from time to time and
is generally an all around tolerant and good guy.

“I… this is utterly ridiculous. I refute.” Heechul’s smile
quickly turns sinister as Sungmin’s lower lip is stuck out so
far in a pout that Eeteuk thinks that it’s gotta be sore to keep
that way for long.

“But hyung,” he wails, clutching tightly round Eeteuk’s middle,
as Heechul continues his ssukso, Donghae and Eunhyuk try to
hush each other’s giggles from the safety of the couch.
“Hallowe’en sounds like such a fun idea!”

“And we’ll all get to dress up,” chirps Ryeowook, suddenly
latching on to his left side, a perfectly identical pout pulling
at his lip.

“And we never get to do anything fun like that anymore,” Shindong
pipes in, coming into the room from the hallway, the ruckus Sungmin
was making attracting his attention.

“And Heechul wants an excuse to get Siwon drunk,” Donghae slips
in (quickly followed by a shout from Heechul) before jumping from
the couch, running from the enraged boy.

“And it’s a good way to deal with stress,” Everyone stops to stare at
Yesung, who shrugs, amused smile playing at his lips. “What? Admit
it, hyung. It’ll be funny to watch.”

“See! Even Yesungie wants to! So can we, please?” Sungmin’s
eyes shine just that tiny bit too bright, Ryeowook quickly adopting the
same look, and Eeteuk hates the world just that fraction more as he sighs
and tells Sungmin that, fine, they can have a hallowe’en party.


Kangin waltzes into the room and throws a plastic package at the foot
of the bed where Eeteuk is sitting, sifting through pages and magazines,
in a heavy conversation with a manager on his cell phone. Carefully
picking up the deposited item, he glances up over the glasses perched on
his nose, tipping the phone away from his mouth.

“I thought I told you I wanted to be an angel,” he says slowly, unsure if
Kangin really ever listens to a word he says if it doesn’t involve food,
breasts, or sex. “And this does not look like an angel.”

Kangin doesn’t look over from where he’s deposited himself on Kyuhyun’s
empty bed and continues to sift though the bag he brought in with him.

“It was the next best thing,” he replies. Eeteuk gapes at the image that
graced the package to Kangin and back again.

“How the hell is ‘Naughty Nurse’ anywhere close to an angel?” he screeches,
quite sure management will be talking about this forever, and decided to
throws the costume, aiming for Kangin’s head.

“They both wear white?” he offers, fluidly ducking, missing the projectile.
Kangin sniggers. The phone giggles. Eeteuk wishes he could come up with
a plan to kill the younger boy and make it look like an accident.


“Have I mentioned I hate you all?” Eeteuk asks Eunhyuk, the younger
boy happily pinning the small white nurse hat on his bright red wig in
the safety of the bathroom.

“In the past few days?” he inquires, slapping Eeteuk’s PVC-covered
bottom before running out of the room. “Too many times to count!”


Eeteuk really should give thanks for the small mercies, which in this
case means the abundance of alcohol, because no one should have to
be ‘naught nurse Nancy’ without being somewhere between intoxicated
and really intoxicated.

“See!” Sungmin happily chirps as he hugs Eeteuk tightly, the friction
making Eeteuk’s dress squeak horribly. “It’s not bad at all!”

Eeteuk takes a moment to look at the younger boy.

“What the hell are you supposed to be?” Sungmin was wearing what
seemed to be a mish-mash of pattern, fake black hair sticking out
from under a horrendous pink cowboy hat.

“I’m Heechul a few years ago! And Kyuhyunie,” he says, grabbing at
the younger boy who had tried to hide but opted to pull at the terribly
short shorts Sungmin seemed to have forced him into. “Is my pool boy!”

“At least he let me wear a shirt?” Kyuhyun offers, a forced smile on his
face. It’s at that exact moment Heechul decides to attack Eeteuk, mouth
latching tightly against his neck and sucking hard. Eeteuk replies with
a very unmanly squeak and flails to try and dislodge himself from the
younger boy’s lips.

“What the hell are you doing?!” Eeteuk yells once Heechul
moves away with a wet pop.

“It’s part of my costume. Obviously.”

Eeteuk gets a proper look at him; Heechul has his hair slicked back
and a long black cape on, his smile revealing overly pointy teeth.

“He got you too?” Shindong asks, coming up beside Eeteuk, bright
purple and red marks on his neck overly prominent against the silver
robot costume.

Eeteuk decided he needs something decidedly harder to get through this party.


“Ya! I could use a check up, miss!” Yesung exclaims a few minutes
later, leaning up against the wall, dressed in his regular clothing, with
what seems to be a topless and equally costume-less Siwon. Eeteuk
closes his eyes for a moment before answering Yesung’s exclamation.

“Yes, ha ha, dressed like a nurse, shut up.” Yesung smiles wider as he
brings his drink to his lips, taking a healthy swig. “Why aren’t you
dressed up too?”

“But I am,” he states, mock offence dripping from his words with a
hand on his heart. “I’m dressed like a Korean pop idol.” Eeteuk blanches,
rolling his eyes while Siwon giggles into Yesung’s shoulder. In the
process, he catches Ryeowook staring at Siwon and blushing wildly when
Eeteuk catches him and begins to fiddle with his cat ears. Eeteuk looks
back and cocks an eyebrow at the half naked (and quite obviously tipsy)
Siwon in silent question.

“I’m a chocolate bar!” he manages to laugh out, cuddling closer to
Yesung’s arm in the process. Ryeowook blushes harder and decides
that the ceiling is devastatingly interesting.

“I really hate you all.”


Donghae, it would seem, is dressed like an alien with a fetish
for drunken zombies Eeteuk assumes upon walking into the kitchen,
as the boy currently has Eunhyuk (said drunken zombie) pressed up
against the wall of the kitchen, with a hand down his pants and a
tongue in his mouth. Eunhyuk replies with moans that are rather
un-zombie like to Eeteuk’s alcohol-fuzzy mind.

“Please, can you not do that near food?” the leader states
with a sigh, opening the fridge and grabbing another beer. “I’d like
to keep some sense of hygiene, if at all possible.”

“Sorry hyung~” Donghae gasps out around Eunhyuk’s mouth, but
makes no motion to actually stop (free hand creeping up Eunhyuk’s
shirt as the other boy’s hands thread through his hair), and Eeteuk
nods while walking out of the room.



It’s almost half past three, and Eeteuk decides he likes this whole
Hallowe’en business. Half the boys are asleep (he tells himself,
not passed out), and even thought the dorm is now a complete and
utter mess, he’s still riding out his tipsiness, making the whole
situation hilarious. He watches with amusement as Hankyung
(dressed in his dance clothes, a half-assed costume indeed) tries
to pull along a sleepy and rather studious looking Kibum, who
seems to be dressed in his old high school uniform. Eeteuk also
decides that he sort of likes Kangin dressed up as a construction
worker, with his white tank and random plastic tools hooked onto
a toy-belt. It’s cute in a horrifyingly awkward way.

“See,” he cries, lying down beside where the eldest sat, his head
pillowed on Eeteuk’s thigh, pulling at the long wig. “Your
costume was great!”

Eeteuk sighs as Kangin’s playful tugs pull the fake hair clean off
his head, it landing a foot away on top of Heechul’s head.

“You’re just a pervert who likes to look up girl’s skirts.” He replies,
trying hard to keep the stupid, amused grin he already knows is
creeping over him lips. Kangin reaches up and squeezes one of
Eeteuk’s fake breasts. “I’m not getting paid nearly enough for
dealing with all this sexual harassment.”

“You know it,” he chirps, waving a purple wrench in front of
Eeteuk’s face before dropping the toy, instead pulling him down
for a slow kiss. “Happy Hallowe’en.”

“I still hate you all.” But Eeteuk smiles into the kiss.

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