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[fic] Collection No. 1; band!fics

Title: Collection No. 1
Fandom: SuJu
Pairing: Kangteuk, Sihan, Sibum, Heechul and Heebum
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 608
Notes: I decidedly think I'm better at writing shorter fics, so I'm going to be doing collections of short vignettes. If you've got a pairing, please leave it with a one word prompt and I'll write another few sets. These are for lonelysilver19, because she's had a bad day ♥



Kangin was quite sure when he fell asleep that he was
comfortable and alone in his bed, a stark difference to his
current situation; as he glances to his right, he sees Eeteuk
has managed to burrow himself into an awkward embrace,
Kangin’s left arm slung over his back, head pillowed on his
shoulder and tucked into the crook of Kangin’s neck, legs
tangled together, with Eeteuk’s lower half resting on top on
Kangin’s. He half wants to poke the eldest and tell him to go
sleep in his own bed because his back hurts and his arm has
lost all feeling, but then sees how soundly Eeteuk is sleeping,
hears the soft sounds he makes in his sleep that are far too
adorable for a grown man to be making, and how comfortable
he is. So he sighs, brushing a kiss on the top of his head and
wishes Eeteuk would stop drooling on his shirt.



To be truthful, all the attention towards his abs made Siwon
decidedly self-conscious; he didn’t like people looking at his
unclothed body, and thought that should be something private,
something that only someone very close to his heart should see.
It was bad, being forced to be basically topless during the photo
shoot, with all the members joking and poking or rubbing his
stomach (the poor Canadian kid looked beyond uncomfortable).
Thankfully, Hankyung seems to take pity on his situation, telling
everyone off and pulling him away to an empty room.

“Thank you, hyung, I-”

But Hankyung’s hands are suddenly splayed flat on his belly, slowly
tracing his stomach muscles as he kisses him quite possessively,
and he unfortunately realizes that he was a little naïve to think
that the older boy was just being nice.



If there’s one thing you learn in an apartment full of boys with
only two bathrooms, is that there is never a locked door, and
anyone can walk in on you at any point in time. So when Siwon
walks in on Kibum showering, it should be just like every other
time. Siwon stops short at the sight of Kibum sitting huddled in
the corner of the shower, obviously crying despite the water
falling all around him a shock to say the least. He doesn’t give
it a second thought as he steps into the shower, clothes and all,
to sit down beside Kibum. Siwon doesn’t speak, doesn't touch the
other boy,and it takes a little time before Kibum lets his head rest
on Siwon’s shoulder. When his trembles finally fade and only then, does
Siwon pat Kibum on the head and leave the bathroom, sopping wet,
because he knows that sometimes just having someone to lean on
is enough to get you through the bad times.



Heechul finds it hard sometimes to open up to people; he can’t
stand being seen as weak or even worse, incompetent, so he closes
himself off. If he can protect his true feelings hidden, then he’ll
never have to see pity shining in the eyes of other, never have to
feel the burning shame of not being good enough. Perhaps that’s
why he adores Heebum so much, lavishes the cat with affection.
The cat never looks at him in with pity or thinks he’s weak or tells
him he’s a disgrace, he just cocks his head to the side and purrs
when his back is petted. So Heechul pours all his insecurities and
failures out and lets the rhythmic flicks of a tail against his arms
lull him to sleep as he cuddles the cat close, warmth seeping into
his heart from the unconditional support only a pet can give.

Tags: fic, heebum, heechul, kangteuk, sibum, sihan, suju
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