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three blues, two greens and a beer

[fic] Composure; part 4; kangteuk

Title: Composure; Part 4
Fandom: SuJu
Pairing: Kangteuk
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 932
Notes: Chapter four of I-don't-know-how-many-now-though-I-might-just-leave-it-at-this which is just porn, almost a thosand words of straight up sexing. Many thanks to halcyon_morn, who was my beta for this chapter ♥


Eeteuk can feel Kangin tremble under his fingers as he slowly rakes
his nails down his chest. He can hardly suppress the grin that spreads
across his face when he feels Kangin’s breath hitch as he catches the
boy’s lower lip between his teeth, pulling Kangin by the belt loops
while they stumble down the hallway.

It takes Kangin a second to find and twist the doorknob, his hand
continuously straying back to Eeteuk’s hip as the elder teases him with
short, shallow kisses. But once they slip through the door, Eeteuk slams
it shut and the click of the lock punctuates the silence. He pushes Kangin,
hard, and the boy falls onto the bed. He all but rips off his shirt, quickly
coming to straddle Kangin’s hips, while the boy’s hands slip behind him,
cupping his ass and pushing down. He growls at the touch, pushing the
hands from his hips before he starts to pull at the buttons of the too crisp,
too clean shirtsleeve. Lowering his head, Eeteuk rests his cheek against
Kangin’s, the warm flush burning against his skin, and whispers into his ear.

“I’m going to fuck you now. Is that what you want?” he questions, voice
smooth and calm, and he notes the visible shudder that runs up Kangin’s
body. “To bend you over this bed and fuck you until all you remember is
my name?” His hand trails lower, slowly tracing down Kangin’s stomach,
the muscles tensing under his teasing touch.

“Or do you want to press me up against the wall,” he purrs, pausing to trace
the shell of the boy’s ear with his tongue, “Fuck me so completely senseless
I can’t even scream?”

He can feel the trembling breath against his face, and Eeteuk feels that
rush of familiarity, that feeling of the control bringing confidence and
order to his mind.

“Anything,” he gasps out, and Eeteuk’s poise suddenly begins to dissipate.
“Anything you want, anything you ask, I’ll do.”

Eeteuk freezes; he doesn’t move as Kangin looks him straight in the eye,
doesn’t (can’t) stop Kangin from cupping his face gently and placing a
sweet, chaste kiss on his lips. He feels an unfamiliar emotion pool in his
belly, and the sensation makes his stomach clench with hope of something
he knows has no truth behind it.

“Stop it.” He growls, letting anger push away his other feelings, ripping
the soft hands from cheeks and grinds his hips down, causing Kangin to
mewl at the friction. “Don’t move.”

He’s only half surprised that Kangin listens and doesn’t move an
inch while Eeteuk roughly rids himself of his pants, grabs a condom
from the bedside table and slips it on quickly. He gives Kangin a light
smack to the hips, and the boy obediently raises them, letting Eeteuk
slip his pants off and leaving him completely exposed.

“Good boy,” he states, taking a moment to dip his head down, tongue
sliding over the head of his member as he tastes the beads of precum
that had begun to collect. Kangin squirms and his knuckles are white
from clenching his fists, but he doesn’t move, doesn’t make a sound
until Eeteuk tells him to get on his hands and knees.

Eeteuk slowly traces the lines of Kangin’s back, placing an open mouthed
kiss at the base of his spine, and carefully presses two slick fingers into
him at once. He watches rapt with attention as Kangin’s arms buckle and
he buries his face into the sheets to try and muffle his groan of pleasure
while Eeteuk works his fingers. He’s unsuccessful; a loud cry escapes his
lips as Eeteuk quickly removes his fingers and sheaths himself in one
smooth thrust.

“I want to hear you scream for me.” he says, and Kangin’s response is
eager, bucking his hips backwards, Eeteuk falling from his lips like a
prayer as he spreads his knees farther apart. Eeteuk’s thrust falter for a
moment as the need, the urge to have his proper name spill from those
lips rises, but remembers who he is, what he is, and pushes the thought
away violently. He pulls out, Kangin unable to make any noise other
than a shaky whimper as Eeteuk roughly moves the boy onto his back
but wastes no time before filling him again.

Eeteuk pounds into him with abandon, slender fingers beginning to stroke
him in time with his thrusts, causing Kangin’s cries to rise in volume.
Eeteuk doesn’t have any voice left to taunt the boy further, as he quickly
gets lost in the moment, teetering along the edge. He dips his head down to
catch a nipple between his teeth right as Kangin screams, orgasm wracking
his body, his muscles spasm and he spills into Eeteuk’s hand. Kangin’s
around Eeteuk, and he can’t take it any longer; waves of ecstasy flow over
him as he continues to thrust into the boy beneath him.

They’re both breathing heavily when Eeteuk is finally spent. He falls heavily
on Kangin’s slick chest, his head tucked into the junction of Kangin’s shoulder,
forgetting everything as slowly recovers. The moment is broken when he feels
a soft kiss press into his hair. His conscience finally catches up and Eeteuk
hurriedly tries to get up realizing the severity what had just happened, but
Kangin’s hands catch him around the waist, holding him in place.

“I mean what I said,” he whispers, “Anything.” Eeteuk wonders what he’s gotten
himself into as he lets those arms wrap around his body, lets himself sink
into the embrace, The words ring ominous in his ears.

Tags: fic, hooker!verse, kangteuk, suju
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