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[fic] Composure; Part 3; Kangteuk

Title: Composure; Part 3
Fandom: SuJu
Pairing: Kangteuk
Rating: R
Word Count: 495
Notes: Part three of what seems like it's going to be longer than four part series.


The dreams have gotting worse and worse.

Eeteuk dreams of Kangin fucking him in any place his subconscious can think of;
taken slowly on the soft bed down the hall, bent over on Kibum’s hard desk,
fucking quickly by the back door before the evening starts, having Sungmin
walk in on them, pressed up roughly on the wall of the kitchen, and more.
Each time he would wake up, painfully hard and angry at his lack of self
restraint. The thrum of want was slowly growing, washing over him rising
to an unbearable level, but they’re emotions he hasn’t felt in what seems
an eternity, and Eeteuk thinks that has to count for something.

“You look tired,” Heechul croons, sitting on counter of the kitchen. He’s got a
cup of something warm between his delicate finger and his smile is wide and

“Fuck you.” He can’t help himself from snapping, he’s tired and irritable
and if Heechul knows how to do anything other than his job, it’s how to
get under one's skin.

“Everyone does, Eeteuk. Everyone does.” A sip. A purr of satisfaction, alongside
the smack of his lips. “I say,” he drawls “you fuck that adorable puppy
you’ve got following you, and get back to sleeping properly. Really,” he cries
all to melodramatically, slipping off the counter to pull Eeteuk into a half
hug, but Eeteuk can see layers of hidden words in the younger mans eyes,
“You’ll be far more happy once you do.”

His eyes follow the redhead as he slinks out of the room, and for once in his
life, decides to follow Heechul’s advice.


Kangin comes in late that night like his last visit, all soft, knowing smiles as
his eyes dart down to the cross that sparkles in the low lighting, resting just
below Eeteuk’s clavicles. Eeteuk’s eyes sharpen as his lips purse together
in a tight line.

“Are you paying for any services tonight?” he growls as he slips out from behind
the desk, and takes a small amount of pride in the way Kangin’s face so openly
falls into a look of shock at the sound of his voice.

“I’m, I mean, that is-”

But Eeteuk grabs him roughly by the hair, pulling the boy down to meet his lips
in a rough, terribly unrefined, real kiss. Eeteuk’s hands rake through
Kangin’s hair, and it takes a few moments for Kangin to truly understand what
exactly is going on. But then there are arms winding around Eeteuk’s body, one
wrapping around his waist while the other curls around his shoulders, and crushing
him forward and closer.

“I said,” Eeteuk pants out, after forcefully pulling his lips from Kangin’s,
foreheads resting against each others. Kangin’s arms are still tight around
him, and Eeteuk still has his hands threaded into the boy’s hair. “Are
you paying for any services tonight?”

Kangin swallows hard before nodding in agreement, lips quivering slightly
before they capture Eeteuk’s again.

Tags: fic, hooker!verse, kangteuk, suju
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