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[fic] Composure; Part 2; Kangteuk

Title: Composure; Part 2
Fandom: SuJu
Pairing: Kangteuk
Rating: PG
Word Count: 578
Notes: Part two of what seems to be a 4 part series. I'm sorry for the slow updates~


It’s three days since his talk with Sungmin and almost two
weeks since Kangin has come into the Pantheon, and Eeteuk
thought that perhaps things would finally go back to being
normal again.

It’s late, close to closing time, when Kangin finally walks
through the ornate doors and up to where Eeteuk stands. He
smoothes his palms along the glossy desk, the small piece of
furniture the only thing between them. Eeteuk forces himself
not to look up right away and takes extra care that his pen
strokes to fall smoothly as he finishes signing the sheet before
him. When he finally does look up, those dark lashes are just the
same as he remembers, as cheeks round into a shy smile. But
Eeteuk makes sure he stops the boy from saying anything.

“I’m afraid that Sungmin is busy at the moment, if you would-”
he starts but Kangin’s hand suddenly breaches the gap and cups
the back of his neck, and he can’t help how his word cut off into
a sharp breath. Kangin’s fingers find the fine silver chain, taking
their time to run alongside Eeteuk’s neck before pulling the pendant
out from under his shirt.

“No, but thank you.” Kangin’s smile is back, and it’s wider, curling
with the amusement of an inside joke before leaning in close, pulling
gently at the necklace as not to let Eeteuk back away, “That was all
I wanted to know.”


Eeteuk can feel his toes curling as he gasps out half finished words
while Kangin licks a steady path down his body. His eyes flutter
slowly as a warm tongue lazily laps at his nipple, stopping briefly to
close silken lips around it. The younger boy takes his time, as though
he’s savouring the taste of the body writhing underneath him, slowly
memorizing the pattern of skin and muscle.

He fists his hands into the sheets and lets his hips arch up, skin brushing
skin, and for once in a very long time, Eeteuk feels like he’s not acting,
no fluid stream of practiced moans and motions, and he can finally just
be Jungsu again.

Kangin smiles into Eeteuks stomach before murmuring into the heated
skin words that make his head spin and pulls the boy up roughly to shut
him up, to stop him from ruining it all. It’s messy and heated, much like
the first kiss Kangin stolen. “Please.” he says in between tongue and
teeth, “Please.”

Kangin slowly lowers himself onto Eeteuk’s waiting member, and
begins to move at a defiantly crawling pace. Eeteuk’s too used to it
being fast, too used to having a clear view of the end even before he’s
begun, too used to fucking, that the sensation of having his
pleasure drawn out made him putty in Kangin’s hands.

He comes hard, a strangled cry falling from his lips as he gasped for
breath. He feel boneless as Kangin carefully turns him around, lifting
his hips, entering him smoothly. Fingers rake across his hips delicately
as Kangin started another sensually slow rhythm, and Eeteuk could
feel himself hardening again at the ministrations.


He wakes in a tangle of blankets and heat and arousal, dazed as he tried
to get his bearings as his orgasm hits him abruptly. He refuses to close
his eyes, the scene of his dream too vivid against the back of his eyelids,
and Eeteuk can almost physically feel his composure start to chip.

Tags: au, fic, hooker!verse, kangteuk, suju
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