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[fic] Jailbait; Kangin/Hongki

Title: Jailbait
Fandom: SuJu/FT Island
Pairing: Kangin/Hongki
Rating: PG
Word Count: 607
Notes: I BLAME SARAH, OH GOD. It started with Hongki looking like Kangin's love child, but somehow I've started to ship them and they're my new number one crack pairing of DOOM, and really, it should stop but mirrorspy keeps giving me evidence to back up my crack. *dies* So this is hers ♥~ also ninja!kangteuk, because god, when don't I have some kangteuk in everything I can?!


“Kangin ssi!” the boy cries and Kangin can’t help but grasp onto his arm
as Hongki manages to trip over his own feet as he flounders over, and
Kangin gets that familiar feeling in the pit of his stomach, and looking at
the entirely too earnest face of the younger boy, he thinks that this isn’t
going to turn out well. “I... it… there’s something I wanna tell you, hyung!”

Kangin also thinks having this party was a very stupid idea (really, is having
a get-together with the younger band really going to stop the rumours of
discourse? Why did they have to have the thing at the dorm? More importantly,
how was Heechul giving the under aged boys alcohol any help?) and glares at
Eeteuk from across the room for allowing this. The older boy replies my petting
Minhwan and putting a plate of food in front of the baby of the group.

“You... I… it… Ok?” he manages as Hongki rights himself, pressing himself
probably eight shades of far-too-close to Kangin, his hands fisting in his elder’s
shirt. Kangin glares at Sungmin, who’s a few meters away laughing at how his
hyung has his arms full of a tipsy Hongki, and tries to push the clingy boy away.

“It’s just that, you’re really,” Hongki moves in closer, and in a loud whisper that
Kangin is sure the whole room can hear, continues, “really hot, hyung.
Illegal hot. No joke. I totally watched your radio show every night.”

Kangin is really rather horrified as he tries to detangle the boy, who was currently
rubbing his cheek into Kangin’s chest, at the same time he tried to find something
hard he can throw at Sungmin, who was currently on the floor, tears of laugher on
his cheeks.

“Kid, really, I’m flattered th-” he tries, but unfortunately, Hongki takes the
word ‘kid’ as ‘it’s cool to make out’ and grabs Kangin’s head, pulling him
down for a sloppy, beer-tasting kiss. For someone who prides himself of being
strong and confidant, he finds it terribly hard to push the boy away; the poor
kid’s heart could be shattered and then he’s have to deal with the guilt for at
least a month and a half, maybe more if the others teased, and breaking a kids
heart is just something Kangin cannot stand to do.

It seems Sungmin has truly expired from laughing too hard (and an inebriated
Donghae promptly pouncing on him,) as Kangin, eyes stuck open in
mortification, freezes when he feels Hongki try and slip him some tongue while
his hands tried to find a way up his shirt. At least Siwon has the decency to
come over and pull Hongki off of him, suppressing laughter, with the aid of a
drunk Heechul (though help or hinder), escorting the boy off to his fellow band
members. Hongki makes grabbing motions back at Kangin and mouths out ‘so
hot, hyung! So hot!’ before being dropping into an embarrassed Wonbin’s care.
Kangin thankfully takes that as his cue to run to the nearest room and stay put
until everyone has gone.

“Looked like you were enjoying that.” Eeteuk laughed, hours later, slipping
into the bed and poking at some part of Kangin, curled up and hiding under
the covers.

“Shut up,” comes from the bump as it shifted away. “I was accosted by a drunk
kid. I hate you all.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll make sure no drunk boys touch you…” Kangin tries to ignore
the feeling of Eeteuks hands creeping under the covers and under his shirt.

A giggle.

“Only an older boy.”

“I still hate you all.”

“I know.”

Tags: fic, ft island, hongki, kangin, kangteuk, suju
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