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[fics] First Kisses; Multiple Pairings

Title: First Kisses
Fandom: SuJu
Pairing: Various (Minwook, Yehchul, Ryeochul, Yehyeh, Kangbum, Kyumin, Yunteuk, Ryeowon, Dongwook, Kangwookteuk, Kangteuk, Kangchul, Kikyung)
Rating: PG - PG 13
Notes: a collection of the small fics I wrote for the First Kiss Meme.

Minwook for bitofajungle

He knows he shouldn't, but he decides to be adventurous as he sits perched on the edge of the bright pink bed, hands fisting into the pillow case on either side of a bright pink head of hair. He bites his bottom lip self-consciously before leaning down, butterflies fluttering wildly in his stomach, barely brushing lip to lip as Sungmin sleeps, peacefully unaware.


Yehchul for heechul

It's fast and over in a second; Heechul gives him a sloppy peck on the lips before blushing like a teenage girl, fingers twirling in a strand of hair. He's shocked for all of two seconds before he's pulling Heechul towards him for a proper first kiss.


Ryeochul for heechul

Ryeowook squirms and wriggled in Heechul's tight grasp but stills imediately as he runs his tongue along his bottom lip before kissing him, hot and with the bite of alcohol. Heechul purrs as he pulls back and Ryeowook deems it the best first kiss he thinks he's ever had.


YehYeh omgwtf for heechul

Identical eyes look back, flashing down to soft lips before coming down to meet, tongue slipping out with a soft sigh. It's at that moment that Shindong comes into the bathroom to find Yesung pressed up against the mirror, full on making out with his own reflection. They never speak of that moment ever again.


Kangbum for hoyah

Despite the party being in full swing, (with the alcohol mostly drunk, a half naked Donghae chases Eunhyuk while Sungmin hangs over Siwon who in turn is hanging over Heechul who looks thoroughly smashed with his hands all over Shindong yelling out rule to a drinking game followed a crash from the adjacent room followed by swearing in Mandarin and the high-pitched laugh of Eeteuk accompanying the apologetic exclamations of Kyuhun; goodness only knows where Yesung and Ryeowook are,) Kangin and Kibum sit back on the couch, carefully sipping their drinks and watching the chaos.

"Kangin hyung..." he hears Kibum say over the noise, and he turns his head, but just as he does, Kibum move to speak in his ear. Their lips connect with wide eyes, yet neither move to pull away; Kangin weaves his open hand into soft hair and slips his tongue into Kibum's mouth, as the younger pushes closer, eyes fluttering closed, silently remembering to blame the soju if anyone takes notice of their first kiss.


Kyumin for shienri

Sungmin looks pitiful, truth to be told, with blanket pulled up to cover his nose and his pout, hair sticking to his heated forehead. He whimpers and fidgets, even as Kyuhyun tries to calm him.

"Too cold~" he moans uncomfortably despite the heat of his fever before babbling partially formed sentences in a half delirious , and Kyuhyun can hardly stand the sight of it all. He brushed his bangs away and drags a cool cloth across his forehead before bending down to soft place a kiss on his heated brow. But Sungmin's hand quickly grasp the sides of his face to hold him still while forcing him down to give him a proper kiss. There's tongue and teeth and the slight aftertaste of the medicine Sungmin had just taken. When Kyuhyun finally is able to pulls back his face almost as flush as Sungmin's.


Yunho/Eeteuk for hoyah

"You know, we're better than Super Junior." he drawls over a cup of coffee in Eeteuk's kitchen. Eeteuk carefully adds a spot of milk to his cup.

"I'm the leader, and it's obvious our skill level is higher." Eeteuk chirps back, placing a slice of cake down in front of Yunho.

"Ah, but I'm the leader as well, and it's much easier to improve vocals with only four other members. How many do you have now? Fifteen? Twenty three? Thirty seve-!"

But Eeteuk's lips silenced him, and when he pulled back, Yunho couldn't help whispering breathless against his smirking lips:

"Alright. SuJu wins."


Ryeowon for rainbowromance8

Siwon's smiles are sweet and bright and remind Ryeowook of summer or something very much like the lazy days, filled with frozen treats and breaks from school, of his youth. He can't blame himself for wanting a taste, really, it was only natural to want to see if that feeling could be recreated. So he finds himself completely justified as he slips into Siwon's arms as he sits on the couch (alone, thankfully) and lets his lips savor their first kiss.


Dongwook for rainbowromance8

They lay watching the clouds go by, necks and arms itchy from the grass and dirt.

"That one looks like a rabbit~"

"Does not. It looks like a whale~"

"Whale?! Never! Now it looks like a set of boobs~"

"DONGHAE! It does not!" Ryeowook pauses nervously. "I think it looks like you kissing me."

"No, this is what me kissing you looks like." And Donghae can't resit proving the clouds wrong.


Kangwookteuk for rainbowromance8

It was beyond what he could have every hoped for, with Eeteuk pressing up against his front and Kangin against his back; Eeteuk's kiss is slow and sweet, he's soft and nips his lower lips lightly before pulling back, but then he's turned around and Kangin is rough and hot, all teeth and tongue and Ryeowook's sure that he's never had kisses like these before.


Kangteuk for rainbowromance8

Their first kiss was an accident; slipping while helping clean up the dishes with Eeteuk causes them to crash to the floor together, legs tangled. Kangin's head smacks the ground and is enough to make his head spin, but Eeteuk falls on top of him and they're mouths bash together. It was an accident and painful, but Eeteuk pushes himself up onto his forearms, blushing bright red before tentatively kissing Kangin again, this time softly and on purpose.


Kangchul for coyotecolored

Heechul would step back, but there's a wall in his way and Kangin keeps advancing, slow step by slow, sultry step. Kangin's hands brush his hips and he's got half a second before there are lips brushing his neck. It takes what feels like forever before they finish the lazy trail from neck to jaw to cheek to finally lips, and Heechul can't help the moan that drowns in Kangin's mouth.


Kikyung for halcyon_morn

He's fumbling with his words again, soft sounds falling out too harsh. All Kibum wants to do is help, so he carefully shows Hankyung how to move his tongue by using his own. He blushes bright and studders worse than before, saying how he might need more help than that.

Tags: dongwook, fic, kangbum, kangchul, kangteuk, kangwookteuk, kikyung, kyumin, minwook, ryeochul, ryeowon, suju, yehchul, yehyeh, yunteuk
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