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[fic] Rather Waste Our Time Together; Hyukhae

Title: Rather Waste Our Time Together
Fandom: SuJu
Pairing: Hyukhae
Wordcount: 691
Rating: NC-17
Notes: I'm pretty sure I owed freefallskyline some hyukhae smut sometime last month, so here it is! Also, hoping that mirrorspy had a better day at work than yesterday ♥

It’s tentative and soft, but the knocking at his door is definitely there. Hyukjae lets out a murmur of consent and it’s hardly a second later before a ball of Donghae has flung himself on the ground at the foot of his bed.

“Hyung,” he calls out, hair and eyes and knuckles peeking over the edge, the only parts of Donghae visible from his position, hiding behind the foot of the bed, and Hyukjae lets the book he was reading rest against his bent knees. Another murmur from Hyukjae and the younger boy scurries and curls up beside where he sat against the headboard, tucking his head against Hyukjae’s hip, arm slung around him, and hands fisting into the fabric of his shirt.

“Are you alright?” he asks (he’s being quiet and polite, two very unusual things for the younger boy), but Donghae’s head raises for a moment to flash a bright smile before burrowing his head back into his hip.

“Just feeling a little alone. Needed a hug!” he says brightly, but it comes out muffled and muted against fabric and denim. Hyukjae runs a hand through Donghae’s hair before letting it rest on his shoulder and starts to read again, subconsciously counting how many lines before the other boy starts to demand attention.

A full page had passes before Donghae’s nose nudged his shirt up and teeth scraped against the newly exposed skin. Hyukjae drew in a shuddering breath, but didn’t let his eyes wander from the words on the page, even if he really wasn’t paying any attention to them anymore.

Donghae lets out a huff of exasperation, but then his tongue darted out to lick the soft skin he had just nipped, continuing despite the fact the other boy made no movement to pay attention to him or his ministrations. Hands pressing Hyukjae’s legs down and Donghae slipped between his thighs, lips never leaving skin as he moves them across stomach in soft butterfly-light kisses.

As Donghae dips his tongue into the dip bellybutton, his eyes catch Hyukjae’s as they roll back and the hold on his book loosens.

He gave a throaty moan, cheek pressed against Hyukjae’s flexing abdomen as his hands made short work of belt and zipper, his thumbs dipping just under the waist band of Hyukjae’s boxers to brush lazy circles. He could hardly help the slight buck of his hips as those thumbs moved inward, drawing along the line of his obliques, lower and lower until Donghae grasped his erection and pulled it free.

“Stop wasting your time with that book,” he cooed, quickly snatching the item from the older boy’s hands and throwing it carelessly over his shoulder, “and waste your time with me.”

Hyukjae didn’t get a chance to give any form of retort as Donghae’s smirking lips came down, quickly drawing him into his mouth almost completely, seemed to go down impossibly far, and drawing his teeth lightly against his length as he came up again, eyes never leaving Hyukjae’s.

He hissed as Donghae’s mouth swirled; his mouth was hot, wet, and doing impossibly erotic things with his tongue, lightly suckling on the head before drawing his tongue up along his full length then plunging his head down, and it was hardly long at all before his hips were meeting the motions and his muscles clenching as Hyukjae’s body worked itself towards its peak.

He came with a strangled moan, eyes screwed shut, hands fisted in Donghae’s hair as the younger boys lips still worked on him, drawing his orgasm out longer and lapping him up.

When he was finished, Donghae lazily crawled up Hyukjae’s body; he licking the side of his lip to catch the drop of come his missed before kissing the older boy, slow and searching.

“Now, wasn’t that more fun?” he whispered against Hyukjae’s lips as he pulled away.

Donghae lovingly brushed a quick kiss on his damn cheek before getting up and sauntering off, leaving Hyukjae on the bed, sweaty, flushed, and thoroughly debauched.

Quickly fixing his pants and stumbling on wobbly legs to catch Donghae, all thoughts of finishing his book successfully banished.

Tags: fic, hyukhae, suju
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