three blues, two greens and a beer (tryingtosay_) wrote,
three blues, two greens and a beer

[fic] Be Whole Again; Eeteuk

Title: Be Whole Again
Fandom: SuJu
Paring: none
Wordcount: 300
Rating: G
Notes: Not specifically stated, but Eeteuk centric, but you could put whichever memeber you would like in his place.

He spins round and round and round until he can hardly think straight and his stomach is upset with nausea and laugher, blood pounding through his body and blocking out any noises.

He lets his wobbly body fall down, hardly cushioned by grass and half squishy dirt, and takes a deep breath that fills his whole body that he thinks the head rush and the oxygen might be enough for his body to lift off and drift away.

But he exhales heavily, grounding himself, and closes his eyes as tight as he can, and digs his fingers as far as possible, earth creeping deeply under his nails. He lets himself feel the world shift and move until he’s so dizzy that he has to open his eyes to stop the whirling of the earth.

Laughter bubbles and spills out of the corners of his mouth, and he can’t remember a time where he’s ever felt so connected and isolated in his whole life. Being so crushingly, painfully small in a deep, endless universe, and the knowledge that he is fit snuggly into that vast puzzle makes his head swim –like he hadn’t stopped twirling for a second- with conflicting emotions that boil over in his mind.

Each inhale takes in a new emotion, each exhale lets it back out, until there is nothing but existence and the smell of grass and the after effects of lightheadedness. If it weren’t for the steady tick of his wrist watch, he would have thought time had swallowed him up, granting him rest and a reprieve.

He lays stone statue still until he can feel his body connect back to his soul, until the pains and joys of life level out and lay even in his heart, and he can be whole once again.

Tags: eeteuk, fic, suju
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