three blues, two greens and a beer (tryingtosay_) wrote,
three blues, two greens and a beer

[fic] Breathe Again; Kangteuk

Title: Breathe Again
Fandom: SuJu
Paring: Kangteuk.
Wordcount: 351
Rating: R
Notes: ... it's not angst, I don't think? Teuk centric. For freefallskyline, because I cannot write Hyukhae at the moment.


Kangin smells thickly of the cigarette he’s just finished, but Eeteuk doesn’t mind for once. He lets his nose tingle with the sent as he curls in closer to the younger boy, as though his presence could swallow him whole and he could be lost forever in the harsh sent; he finds that he doesn’t much mind that idea either, and pulls in closer.

He wants to be overtaken, to just meld and mix with someone else until his body is gone gone gone, lost in the abyss, and two can join into something better than their separate parts. His body was closing in on itself, the pressures of life slowly crushing his chest, his lungs, his soul until all he could feel was the strain covering every inch of his being, pressing him, turning him hard and cold.

He needs the comfort of skin on skin, mouth on mouth, the pure feeling of another that proves that blood flows throughout the body, so he pushes shirts off and pilfer words away with lips and tongue and touch. It’s hot in the room, but his blood still feels cold and motionless and it’s not enough to sate his need; he lets strong arms bring them closer closer until he’s filled and screaming and everything is so close to being alright again that it brings tears that well in the corners of his eyes, but they don’t fall. His vision burs and light refracts, causing colours to dance in front of him, and it’s all too beautiful for him to stand. He arches and bends and his limbs feel like they’re softening, turning to rubber, brittleness leaving with each gasping breath.

He comes with a cry and he can feel the world shift and soft words of love and encouragement are mumbled against his sweat slicked shoulders. His universe shifts and it feels like he was blind and he’s just learning how to see again. The weight of the world is pushed off and as his body recovers from the afterglow, he finally feels like he can breathe again.

Tags: fic, kangteuk, suju
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