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[fic] A Fever You Can't Sweat Out; multi-pairings

Title: A Fever You Can't Sweat Out
Fandom: SuJu
Paring: Haewook, Kangteuk, Heehyuk, Yehyun, Sihan, Kangteuk, Shinmin, Kihyun, Hyukchul, Shinteuk, Hanwon (in that order)
Wordcount: 1 206
Rating: NC-17
Notes: Lyric prompts from Panic! at the Disco songs. Mostly angsty, rough, angry and not happy, because I'm in a non-fluff mood. All set within a time limit, though not exactly in linar order.


The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide Is Press Coverage
we’re still so young, desperate for attention, I aim to be your eyes

It was subtle, the way he would let his gaze linger just that half second longer than necessary, his body brushing the other just a little too often for it to be a mistake. It came to a climax when Ryeowook caught Donghae’s eyes in the empty kitchen: the unbridled lust that lay there was so sharp that it caused a shiver to visible run up his back, and Donghae just licked his smirking lips.


London Beckoned Songs About Money Written by Machines
I’m burning and I’m black in the lungs, boy you know it feels good with fire back on your tongue

He had been swept up the second he was in Kangin’s arm length, and a second later was captured in a rough kiss, tongue forcing his lips open and a hand crushing his head closer. He tasted like smoke and soju and it stung his mouth, and as Kangin ran his tongue along his lower lip before breaking away, Eeteuk found himself already missing the flavor.


Nails for Breakfast, Tacks for Snacks
I'm sure you would want to give up the ghost with just a little more poise than that

Heechul never kept his self-satisfied grin off of his face as he watched the other boy squirm and writhe from the smallest and softest of teasing touch; the grin spread wider, as he watched the half-pained half-aroused facial expression come over Eunhyuk’s face as he fought the inner battle against body and mind as he arched into his fingers, begged him to stop.


it’s not so pleasant and it’s not so conventional, it sure as hell ain’t normal but we deal, we deal

Kyuhyun’s eyes flew shut and he had no choice but to let Yesung lick his way up his stomach, soft shirt pulled up and bunching uncomfortably against the cold linoleum floor of the bathroom. The door was a crack open and everyone was home, and he couldn’t help the rush of paranoia that someone would walk by, peek in, catch them as Yesung’s hands forcing his jeans down over his hips; Kyuhyun could force himself not to look, but he couldn’t force himself to ignore the growing urgency that this affair needed stop.


Time to Dance
gimmie envy, gimme malice, gimme your attention, gimmie envy, gimme malice, baby gimme a break

He was too nice, never getting angry or raising his voice, but Siwon couldn’t help but try and change that; he flirted and touched and let anyone else near him, he was an actor after all, and he was terribly good at what he did. He just needed to see if he could change the kind looks he was used to receiving, be the reaction anger or disapproval; but when a day later he found himself shoved roughly against the fridge one night, angry bites on his neck with growled threats in Mandarin as well as Hangul, he could hardly believe how well his plan had worked.


Lying Is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off
I’ve got more wit, a better kiss, a hotter touch, a better fuck, then any boy you’ll ever meet,
Sweetie you had me

He was achingly hard, restrained painfully in his jeans, and his guilt made him flood nausea, a horrible feeling settling thickly in his stomach; Kangin’s teeth ran their way down the shell of his ear and his hands clenched painfully around his wrists. Kangin was being rough, and he could taste blood from where he had bitten his lip too hard to stop himself from making any noise and he knew that there would be bruising and marks tomorrow but he felt that this was punishment he deserved.

“I hope to God he was worth it.” was growled against his neck, before Kangin stood up, not looking back as he left the room. Eeteuk curled up, arousal ignored and clothing rumpled, tears finally breaking loose and falling hotly on his cheeks as he lay regretting everything he had done to fuck up the best thing he had.


But It's Better If You Do
Praying for love and paying in naivety

Sungmin had to push his hands against the headrest of his bed to brace himself as Shindong’s worked himself into the smaller boy to a rhythm that he couldn’t hear; he couldn’t help it when he let a quick, breathy ‘I love you’ slip out of his lips along with his gasps and moans. He tried to ignore how Shindong faltered; his rhythm altering so slightly he thought he might have imagined it and how there was a harsh brush of lips seemed to only silence him.


I Write Sins Not Tragedies
It’s much better to face these kinds of things with a sense of poise and rationality

Thinking back, Kibum was amazed at how he had stayed composed and cognizant; the look of panic on Kyuhyun’s face and the satisfied look on Yesungs mouth as he continued to ride the youngest, as though Kibum hadn’t just walked in on him fucking his boyfriend… some how he had watched, face apathetic and voice placid and smooth before walking away:

“Haven’t you people ever heard of closing a goddamn door?”


I Constantly Thank God for Esteban
just stay where I can see you douse the lights, we sure are in for a show tonight

It was Heechul’s turn to be shocked into submission, brain not able to catch its body up to speed quick enough to react; Eunhyuk had made short work of his clothing and managed to get his hands tied behind his back before he could truly realize what was going on. Eunhyuk was on his feet and locking the door, eyes never leaving Heechul’s even as he flipped the light off with a resounding click.


There's a Good Reason These Tables are Numbered Honey, You Just Haven’t Thought of It Yet
wrecking this evening already and loving every minute of it

Eeteuk shivered as intense eyes focused in on him; they both knew that he wasn’t on the market anymore, that he had someone to love who loved him back. But Shindong’s steps were sultry and captivating and his tongue so inviting as it slipped its way into his mouth, that he had hardly realized what had happened until he was walking back to his own room, looking thoroughly sexed and rumpled; Kangin blocked his path, smelling thickly of alcohol and smoke with the sharp look of betrayal marring his face, only then did the true meaning of Shindong’s smiles sink in.


Build God, Then We'll Talk
The shade of the sheets before all the stains, and a few more of your least favorite things

It was all a game. He wasn’t a fool and he wasn’t blind, and he could tell that the younger boy’s actions were an experiment to see what could affect him. But as he roughly took him, all teeth and nails and tongues, he couldn’t help feel the sharp bite of irony as he knew that he had been so easily manipulated into Siwon’s hands; what a wonderful caricature of intimacy.

Tags: fic, haewook, hanwon, heehyuk, hyukchul, kangteuk, kihyun, shinmin, shinteuk, sihan, suju, yehyun
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