three blues, two greens and a beer (tryingtosay_) wrote,
three blues, two greens and a beer

[fic] Got To Find My C♡pido; Kangteuk

Title: Got To Find My C♡pido~
Fandom: SuJu
Paring: Kangteuk
Wordcount: 474
Rating: Hard R
Notes: Ivy's C♡pido (click to download the song) calls for sexy dancing and it's been stuck in my head all day. And that then somehow translated into Kangteuk. I'm not exactly sure how.


A twist of his hip and a flick of his shoulder.

Ignoring what he was doing, Eeteuk set down the dish he was putting away and gave into his urge to dance to the music pumping out of his headphone.

His hand raked through his messy hair while the other ran up his thigh, his abdomen, his chest, before joining the other.

His eyes fluttered shut.

His hips rolled in time and his feet widened their stance.

Holding onto the counter to balance himself, he dropped low, hips moving side to side, and eased his way back up in one fluid movement.

Fingertips brushed his shirt up, and it took him half a second to realize that they weren’t his own hands. His eyes snapped open to glance over his shoulder and he had to repress a moan as Kangin’s body pressed flush against his back, body moving in time to the music.

Heated breath warmed his neck as the younger man’s hips moved in time with Eeteuk’s movement and Eeteuk let his hand rest of the back of Kangin’s head. He let his head fall back onto Kangin’s shoulder as his hands trailed along the curve of his hip.

His body arched into a wave in time with the graze of teeth at his neck, and this time he couldn’t keep a whimper from spilling from his lips. Spinning in Kangin’s arms, Eeteuk took the lead and the two danced backwards and out of the kitchen to music only he was fully enjoying.

Kangin’s hands were resting under Eeteuk’s shirt, splayed on his waist as if to control the motions of his body, while his own scratched soft, slow lines up Kangin’s biceps.

Lips finally brushed against each other and tongues moved in tandem to the bass. Hardly realizing that he was pressed against the back of their bedroom door, Eeteuk’s hips gyrated harder against Kangin’s and clothes were quickly removed. Earbuds taken out to aid in the speed of their removal, his mp3 player was only half remembered as strings of sound floated out from its place on the floor and mingled with the melody of Eeteuk’s moans.

His hips rolled again, but in a different variation, helping meet with Kangin’s thrusts that he could swear were perfectly on beats one and three.

His body arched again, but this time it was from the crescendo of his release and he let Kangin take control of his hips and his tempo increased. Eeteuk weaved his hands through Kangin’s hair as he gave a final cry and the two were blissfully still, bodies tired from exertion.

Minutes later, he reached over to shut the machine off; the beating of Kangin’s heart was all Eeteuk wanted to lull him to sleep, ear pressed against Kangin’s chest to feel the steady vibrations as he drifted off.

Tags: fic, kangteuk, suju
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