three blues, two greens and a beer (tryingtosay_) wrote,
three blues, two greens and a beer

[fic] Uncharacteristic; Siwook

Title: Uncharacteristic
Fandom: SuJu
Paring: Siwook
Wordcount: 315
Rating: R
Notes: Written for rainbowromance8, because she's my selfproclaimed #1 fan~! She wanted dominant!Ryeo, and I really loves me some dominant!Ryeo. ♥


The door slammed shut, making Siwon jump awake from his nap due to the sudden sound. Propping himself up on his elbows, he caught a glimpse of Ryeowook locking the abused door.

“Ryeowook, what’s wrong?” Siwon inquired, taking the rather uncharacteristic harsh treatment of the door as evidence that something wasn’t right with the younger boy. But Ryeowook looked like everything was fine. Actually, Siwon though he looked a lot like the cat that got the cream, with a grin curling on his lips that would put Heechul to shame. But just as quickly as the smirk had formed, it was gone, and Ryeowook’s face relaxed into a half pout, his eyes growing big and innocent.

“Why would anything be wrong, hyung?” Ryeowook all but purred (purred! Siwon’s mind screamed) and Siwon couldn’t remember the last time someone said ‘hyung’ exactly the way his dongsaeng had. Siwon gulped as Ryeowook crawled onto the bed and continued to crawl up until his face was inches from his own.

“I… are… are you sure nothing’s wrong?” His lips stumble over the words, and he tried to wipe his sweaty palms on his cover. The smirk was back and a second latter, those lips had smoothed their way over Siwon’s own. A hot tongue took advantage of Siwon’s parted lips and Ryeowook drank in Siwon’s muffled moan. The younger boy’s hand tugged Siwon’s hair, pulling his head away. Placing a kiss on his exposed neck, Ryeowook pushed him back down flat against the bed and a hand found its way to Siwon’s jeans.

“Mmm, ‘never been better. I just wanted some... quality time with you.” He hummed while freeing Siwon’s growing erection from his pants and slithering down his body.

Siwon glanced down and gave a rather foolish sounding “Alright.” before Ryeowook took him into his silken mouth and he thought it best to keep his mouth shut.

Tags: fic, siwook, suju
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