My life is set.. but not just yet.

I love Meteorology so much. I love the weather and climate. I NEED to do this. I HAVE to do this. This will be one of the most rewarding things ever is to get a degree in Meteorology.

I have decided and I must stick with it. I will get my Bachelor's in Geography with the emphasis on Environmental Analysis.... which should be in a year/year in a half or so. On the side (probably during summer/winter sessions at a JC), I will take all this bullshit that I need (the pre-req's) for Meteorology. I am SOOOOO scared, but I gotta do what I gotta do. I will struggle, cry, yell, and throw things across the room just to get that stupid answer for an equation. Once I am done with that, I will transfer to San Jose State University and pursue my dream. Then get a Bachelor's of Meteorology.

I am so scared. I think if it was closer, I would be down, but I am soooo scared. Also cuz San Jose is conservative, expensive, and FAR.
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ohhh yesssss.

so I'm trying to finish up this chapter for my Regional Geography class. I already have HW! This is for my online class and whatnot. Gah. I haven't taken an online class in forever... I hate them :/. But whatever... it's actually cool cuz I only go to school M,T,& Th this semester so yeah. But for suuuuuure have to pick it up since I did so horrible last semester.

Anyways, this weekend was definitely nice<3. On Friday, I went to the Glass House to see T.S.O.L for the first time in a million years. They are definitely old. They played Abolish Government and that was pretty rad. Ummm... saw some people there, yada yada yada and afterwards, I went to TGIF with Peter and my best friend. Saturday, we went to this awesome ass place in Orange where they sell ice cream in a salad bowl! It was insane I say!!!! About 5-6 of us ate some and I must say it was delicious. I also decided to sleepover at Peter's yesturday. Peter, Jon, Michael, and I played some Guitar Hero today after Jon got over his hangover, haha.

Mmmm.... I can now say I am in loooooove. I am so happy. I'm always laughing. I'm always happy. I'm in a good mood most of the time.

But nowwww, things are gonna have to slow down a bit because of work and school coming up. I work this Mon, Fri, Sat, and Sun and I have school Tues, Wed (because I can't go to monday's session cuz of the last day of training), and Thurs. Blehhhhh. The cool thing is is that I only work like 4-5 hrs each day. And I saw on the schedule book that most people get 20-25 hrs/wk. So that's good for me!

Uhhhh.... wow. I'm either running out of things to write in here or just getting older and tired of this shit. But good night <3
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Stupid Pinkberry

They're okay. The managers are okay. Honestly, I think I get along with everybody and I haven't talked crap about anybody because well?! THERE IS NO ONE TO TALK CRAP ABOUT!

Anyways, they didn't schedule me at all this week. They said because of my availability, and because i don't swirl and connect w/ the customers... they seriously lowered my self-esteem. But whatever. I wanted to cry, but i didn't. They expect WAY too much from the employees. ugh. they can be so lame. i can't believe one of the shift leads already complained about me when it's only been the first fucking day!!!!! my first fucking day dealing with ACTUAL customers and they also told me they don't give good hours to people they don't like and only give good hours to people they really like. So stupid. I see people on the list where they get awesome hours and WTF. i have the same schedule too and they can't give me that or wtf. it pisses me off. i have a life. i have school. im NOT going to dedicate my life to fucking pinkberry.

I miss home :[

I can now say that I am homesick... just a bit. I almost had a couple of anxiety attacks last week, but I somehow controlled them... I'm fine now... I realized that we only have 2 or so weekends left and I come back home! I am so happy..

I need to see a doctor though... get a check up... I keep on getting something that shouldn't be happening now. i swear, this year has been great and all, but I've been getting sick and on medications for the past few months or so... this really sucks.

Ferrara is good. We had a test today for the first time and everybody missed this one section that I also missed. Ummm, now all of us are going to get ready for the Opera and shit. But I am going to take my long nap cuz I need it.

Lately I haven't been able to sleep well. Maybe because a friend of mine keeps on saying that there's a ghost in her room... so then I started getting a little suspicious about my room (especially when I'm alone) and always wonder why the hell there's a cross above my door. It's an old hotel and it's from the 1400's... uh yeah. Hahaha.

Anyway, I have some pictures right now (thank god) because the net here is going fast, surprisingly.

I also got my CSUF parking permit and uhh... somehow I didn't do well in my Microeconomics class... so i gotta call citrus later on today or TOMORROW to see what the fuck happened with my grade because yeah. Long story... I hated this class. Also because the teacher was a lagger and was never able to receive ANY of my shit. So if she didn't receive anything, I'll kill her... or my computer.

Anyway! here are some pix:

Venice is so far my favorite...








That's it for now! Everyone have a nice weekend :]


So it's Wednesday.. 12:40 PM... kind of crazy cuz it's 3:40 Am back in the states.

My roommate is super nice, funny, chill, and cool.

Anyways, I got homesick on Sunday, but I kind of got over it. It's been great so far... you can check my myspace for some pictures I have up. We went to Rome (Vatican City, 16 chapels, The colissium (omg i cant spell!!!) blah blah blah) and now we're in Ferrara. I got bit by a bunch of mosquitos, but everything is cool. The beginning of the trip was kind of rough because everyone was against everyone (21 girls/4 guys) so yeeeaah. You seriously can't put a bunch of girls in the same place... shit.

Anyways, uhhh... I'm going to try to put some pix on here.. the internet at the school is fucking SLOW.

Another thing, I found out that a friend of mine, who I have trusted for so long with all of my fucking secrets and EVERYTHING, has kissed my ex. I'm still fucking appalled and I don't know what to do... it's not the fact that I still care about him, it's the fact that she knew everything... and he knows shes my fucking FRIEND.... GAH!!! I would write more, but fuck it. It's seriously not worth it... and, I'm not sure what to do when I get back home.......... Anyways, so I'm going to enjoy Italy as much as I can w/o this fucking bullshit drama going on across the sea.

ON A GOOD NOTE... I think David and I are going out????? Even though I'm all the way out here, we just decided to make it official over the internet (pretty lame, I know). But I miss that guy...

Okay, cool! I got to upload some pix. I thought it would take forever and a day to upload them, but i guess the internet is working fast at the moment...


My roommate Melissa



Ferrara, Italy.
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so its been a week since ive been gone.

im at some internet cafe place with a couple of girls and were just kicking in here in the heat.

the heat is horrible. its more humid than dry....

anyways, ill post pix later since im not on my laptop right now until tomorrow probably...

but i miss everyone! and i miss dollars!!! the euro sucks so bad right now :(

Once one dies, three more have to go.

I'll miss you grandpa.
Once again, my dad is leaving for Peru again tomorrow early in the morning.

FUCK! Why is everyone passing away!? This is the 4th one.......

Today was a really really really weird day. :/
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