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All things go, all things go.

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6/3/10 05:10 pm - I never post here anymore.

Yeah, I have a tumblr instead. It's just prettier.


10/29/09 12:01 am - Lights

There were times when I’d sing just as I breathed. Inhale. Exhale. Easy peasy.
What happened to freedom? Traveling endlessly under stars that don’t belong to me, I watch unrecognizable eyes pass me by…by…bye.
But these lights,
God, they’re pretty,
Just like souls under spotlight.
I’d forgotten what it meant to see. I’m still not seeing clearly.
All I see are reflections but they’re not of me. I still don’t see you either.
Touch me, remind me.
Remind me what it means to see.
Remind me to breathe.
That bird, she flies.
I only watch.

9/1/09 07:22 pm - Ablaze.

It was a hot, dry evening—though it hardly looked like evening—when she went out to run. The sky was a pale pink. As she looked up, she saw an aeroplane flying leisurely across the sky as though without purpose. She stood for a moment watching it fly above her like a bird. It was a strange plane, old-fashioned-looking, and something about it was beautiful.

So she started. She went slow first, pumping her arms like propellers. Her heart—her engine— was revving up. She moved at a quicker pace, her lungs pushing hard to keep up with the rest of her body. She focused straight ahead without a thought but with a single song in her head. She pounded the ground at a steady beat. Soon, her muscles began to ache and her head to whirl slightly but she persisted. God, how she loved this part, when it hurt so much that it was useless to stop. Burn, burn, and burn.

As she slowed, she noticed the sky was no longer pink. It white as cotton with the clouds vaguely visible. The sun—a perfect sphere— hung low in the sky like a burning orb, blazing through the tall palm trees. The sweat was cool on her skin, each drop falling as she strode slowly on the pavement. California was in flames today and so was she.

8/29/09 12:32 am

I always sound so fucking emo on this thing. I blame the black. Maybe I should change my journal format/layout/color scheme or whatever.


8/28/09 01:26 am - "You don't remember that?"

i’ve tried so hard not to find meaning in anything.
fought so hard to make the meaningful meaningless.
i hate losing touch with my pragmaticality.

funny the things we remember.

8/25/09 12:06 am

I haven't posted here in a while. I can't believe August is almost over.

I'm starting to feel really lonesome now that everyone's pretty much gone. I like solitude. I don't like loneliness. To make up for the loneliness, I've played guitar all day (my fingers hurt so much), watched half of the Soloist (good stuff), and gone to the bookstore (made me depressed because I can't afford a single book).

(972): Just bored and untired. I want to be in Austin Santa Barbara. At college. Drinking someone elses alcohol. Am I asking too much of life?

story of my life. well, minus the Austin part. I don't want to be in Texas, hence the strikeout.

8/24/09 11:56 pm


Sunset Junction Street Fair 2009.


7/3/09 02:24 pm - Dare.

I need to post more on here--upload some pictures and shit. I don't write anywhere else anymore, I might as well write here. Yeah, that's what I'll do.

7/1/09 09:50 pm - With every broken heart...

I'd sacrifice money and heaven, all for love.
Let me be loved! Let me be loved!

For you to be saved and me to be brave,
We don't have to walk down that aisle

6/25/09 08:53 pm - On and on and on

I feel disgusting.
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