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my love for you is so overpowering [entries|friends|calendar]

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March 13th, 2005]
this is how extremely bored iam.
i cant stop thinking, all i hear is a complaining,
yelling, screaming, talking and just yadah yadah
yadah in my head.
please someone hellllllp.
yadahyadahyadahCollapse )
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stolen from alysia [Sunday,
December 12th, 2004]
[ mood | disappointed ]

Leave me an anonymous comment with:

The First Letter of your Name.
One compliment.
Lyrics to a song that reminds you of me.
How long we've been friends.
and a hint to who you are.

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November 16th, 2004]
[ mood | confused ]

WHO ARE THESE HOT STUDS!!! its rocco, changing lindseys layout. wadda u think? i had to follow her rules so i didnt get to add my creative touch!! so she better be nice or ill put a huge cock in the background...no i love u lindsey dont worry.

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October 17th, 2004]
[ mood | calm ]

i had so much fun this weekend.
friday- went to the movies with taylor, saw the forgotten which scared the shit out of me when people were being sucked into the sky. we said fuck about 10 times during the movie hahaha..
saturday- woke up, malorie came over and we went to taylors house, hung out, ate, and listened to music. then everyone came over then we drove to universal and since there was not alot of room in the car, it was me malorie and taylors friend in the back and taylor laying down on us, we got to universal, ate dinner at buca which was interesting,then the limo would not start haha because its on a hill and the gas was all on one side of the car, ahahah so funny. walked around, then drove to the grove, then me and malorie jumped on the trolly hahah and then it started to pour! we all got soaked and got back in the limo. and we sat in traffic, dropped everyone home and me malorie and taylor went back to my house and hung out.
sunday-woke up early went to target and had taco bell, haha went back to my house to cook chicken..haha now me and taylor are pregnant..
just kidding. now we are watching mean girls because we are cool.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAYLOR!!! I LOVE YOU !!!! WOOO HOOO : i love you sooo much and i know you are gonna have the best birthday ever! omg ur fucking 16 !! you are my bestfriend and always will be happy birthday my love!<33333
did you hear she married a jewish docta?Collapse )

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hello randomness [Sunday,
August 29th, 2004]
friday went to the movies with laura and we saw without a paddle, really funny movie.
saturday, went to lauras watched the breakfast club and made cookies haha, then malorie came over.
boring weekend. tomrrow is the VMA's. woo hoo.
erfjnerjhgfwjjregoew"Collapse )
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August 27th, 2004]
iam so confused.
i feel like the best and worst person ever.
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August 25th, 2004]
first period: Z-1 spanish 1A
second period: S-12 modern world history
third period: gym
forth period: C126 bio
fifth period: B223 english 10A
sixth period: C231 algebra

comment and tell me if we have any of the same classes!<3
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August 23rd, 2004]
[ mood | happy ]

A day at the solazzo house.
hoe muffin and slut muffinCollapse )

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August 20th, 2004]
everyone please comment their screen name.
my buddy list got deleted.
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August 19th, 2004]
i havent had that much fun in such a long time.
whip it goodCollapse )
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August 17th, 2004]
[ mood | confused ]

her house to my house to her house to mine..
such girlsCollapse )

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August 16th, 2004]
wow i love washing bloody fish at one thirty in the morning with my brother<3

weekend was fun but boring. [Sunday,
August 15th, 2004]
friday- movies with lindsay, saw the little black book. ran into becky , nathan, brittany.
missed malorie by a few minutes:(
saturday- relaxed all day at home, then around eight went to frankys, hung with very fun people, haha.
sunday- universal=ew.
hope everyone is having a good summer <3
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a couple of my poems. [Friday,
August 13th, 2004]
[ mood | gloomy ]

We didnt know anything, so young.
I, the only one in love?
Only one person in love now.
I love you, I love you in a way you will never love again.
Only loving as friends breaks my heart.
You saying I love you makes me cry.
Oh, I love you so, and no love back to my heart in the same way, inside I die.

Iam not the one for you.
I will never be the one for you.
I thought we would be together forever.
It didnt last , a few heart breaks pass.
One still lays in my heart. crushing my soul.
Your telling my heart, it wont be, telling me to get over you,find somebody new.
Iam not the one for you.

August 11th, 2004]
ali is a hottieCollapse )
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August 10th, 2004]

okay my weekend was super fun.
thursday night i saw hairsray and it was great, i loved it to death, malorie was there and i didnt even know it haha, iam seeing it again , woo hoo!
friday- go to banzai for dinner, boring.
saturday- wake up go swimming, drive down to 3rd street , the first store we go to is anthropology...to my surprise i see someone who looks like napoleon dynamite. i start freaking out because of course iam star struck and i call heather: take a picture with him!!!
so we go up to him and we say can we take a pic with you and being sarcastic says whyyyyy and i crack up haha. so we take the pic and hes so nice. keep shopping and in the soap store i see courtney love who actually looked very good, and i thought she was in rehab but she looks great.
saturday night- go to heathers house and zach, paige are there and we are watching terminator 2 which was boring but funny, go up to heathers rooom and all 4 of us are laying in her bed practically spooning eachother ahhaa cuz it was too small. paige and zach left, took some pix , then fell asleep on the couch and me in the chair rolled into a ball...wake up at 3 and go to sleep upstairs. wake up and order aimeccis subs( like always.)
sunday- go home and get ready for the teen choice awards with mal which was awesome<3
fuckafuckafuckaCollapse )
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August 3rd, 2004]
fun fun fun.
yesterday went to summer school. then taylor came over, hungout watched more sex and the city, hahaha love that show, then went swimming..brought the hose into the pool, almost over flowed the pool, almost getting the gardners soaking wet, filling the rocker cocker with water and jumping into it. afterwards ordered jerrys for din din, the guy was atleast 9405835 hours late ahha, ate then threw food all over my kitchen, franky came over and we tried to scare her by leaving the door open and when she comes by the door pop out in her face and scare the living life out of her, but unfortunally our plan did not work. we watched the hot chick which is the best movie ever! its me jessicaaaaaaa hahah. when franky left we watched the blair witch project...ohhh boy was that scary. we were scared just to get off the bed, and we also heard noises outside my room, TIP: do not ever watch that movie. ever. well the rest of the week shall be fun. on thursday night iam going to see hairspray which i hope is going to be a good show and on sunday me and malorie are going to the teen choice awards.. everyone look for us!<3
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August 1st, 2004]
last night mal slept over. this morning watched atleast 5 hours of sex and the city. at 2 taylor came over and mal left then me and tay went swimming, found a mouse in the pool and broke the filter haha...afterwards went to the commons ate good chinese, rode around in ralphs carts and saw i robot. good movie. hope everyones weekend was fun. tomrrow mal and tay are coming over again..<33
oh and thank you john for unblocking me<3
if only you knewCollapse )
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July 31st, 2004]
tonight was so much fun.
jumping in our seats of fear, excuusse me sir, its me malorieeeeee, almost peeing in our pants of laughter, backing up into a witches drive way, shut the fuck up!, farting, belching, persian people, bad chinese food, cute waiter. good night indeed<3 oh and p.s: SHOP-BOP!

July 31st, 2004]
friday went to summer school, and talked to him for a while. then mia came over we watched pirates then went to the movies. we saw napolian dynamite. greatest movie ever, GOSHHH, IDIOT, YESSS, i cought u some great bass. hhahah great movie and we saw brittany there too, and heard her singing in the background haha. greatest movie, afterwards went to rubys which was yummmy..
this morning woke up went to farmers market with josh then swimming.
i cant stop thinking of him. so far away and so unavailable.<3
the end well mal is sleeping over tonight and nothing planned tomrrow so if u wanna do something IM me or call me. have a goood rest of the weekend.<3
you gangstaCollapse )
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