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Here's a Crawley, There's a Crawley

I just realized that I'm going to have to watch season 3 of Game of Thrones alone since I will be weeping openly the entire season.

Something was poking me in my bra, and I thought it was my underwire. Reached in and found a popcorn kernel. Don't judge me.

Have a Matthew Crawley. Gotta find Downton Abbey season 2, because I've got half an episode left on Netflix of season 1.

I am addicted to Craigslist, looking for apartments/houses, because we are moving in 6 months. This apartment has been poop, so I want to find somewhere better this time. Our furnace just let out this big boom earlier and I saw a big burst of light, so I turned that shit off. Now it is 40 degrees outside and our heat isn't on, but I do not want to be on fire. Gotta call the maintenance guys AGAIN tomorrow.
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College is Weird

Just found two papers on my Google docs from classes I took in 2009.

First one, titled SadfaceConsciousness:
Following the master/slave stages, the independent self-consciousness no longer sees itself as an abstract Ego. It is an object in itself, and in thinking it is free. This freedom has been called Stoicism, which Hegel says is the next stage through which the self-consciousness will proceed. The consciousness takes a negative attitude toward the master/slave relationship, the master rejecting truth through the slave, and the slave not finding truth through his master or in service.

*removes spectacles and rips off fake moustache* This may as well be in Latin, I have no idea what I was talking about, and I'm sure I had no idea then. Also this class had too many hipsters slouching in worn-down seats, and my professor was a small, anxious-looking man who rode his bike everywhere and sweated profusely.

I remember enjoying my African history class much more:


Men shave beards, women shave heads
King wears necklaces, bracelets, and a cap wrapped in a turban
When king dies, he is placed inside a mound surrounded by his earthly goods and men who served him
Make sacrifices to the dead

What more do I need to know. Actually, this professor was very passionate and spent a lot of time doing what he preached so the class was much more interesting :).

Just when I think I am done with tests and college, I join the Guard and am now loaded with more to study. Only now it is 200% more numbers and AFI-384U8397492374297243874's I'm not going to remember/care about. Gonna run off and live the Bohemian life, this military stuff is for the birds.
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Torchlight & Tea

I recommend it. Saw it at Target and had to try it. Dee lee ciouss.

I'm sitting in a wee closet. Well, not that wee. My desk is in the closet now. My laptop is kinda poop, so we've moved my desk into the closet to allow me to use my desktop at night. Because I hardly want to be sitting at my desk in the bedroom while the poor Boy is trying to sleep.

Mostly I've been using it for this:

I don't know why I feel weird playing games during the day. Perhaps I feel there is a better use of my time during the daylight hours. At 2:06 AM after a mind-numbing work day, though, it is a fantastic idea. Anyway, I never beat Torchlight 1, but it is pretty much never-ending quests. I looove Torchlight 2 so far - so pretty, and I got to customize my character more this time. AND I HAVE A GIANT BULL-DOG THAT HELPS ME FIGHT ZOMBIES. YESSSSSS.

The Boy and the Roomie and I may go to Dave and Buster's this weekend. I've never gone, hope it's fun :). And possibly start looking at a new apartment, although we aren't moving till June. We would love to get out of this apartment sooner, but don't want to incur the wrath of doom and fees from breaking our lease.

The only TV show I've been watching lately is season 7 of The Office. Weird. Guess I missed it, and finally decided to watch it after Michael Scott left. Surprised how much I like it so far. Ever since I started watching it, though, I have subconsciously replaced a guy at work's name with Toby and can no longer remember his real name.

Star Trek: TNG season 2 gag reel was released, and apparently taken off Youtube, but Patrick Stewart is too perfect for this world.

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Face Pancakes

I kinda wish the janitor at work was like the janitor on Scrubs.

Instead he creepily hit on me today. Like 'I want to collect your eyeballs and make a baubley necklace out of them.' Maybe he's a good guy. Maybe he's going to make my face into pancakes.

Here are the 25 best Jennifer Lawrence quotes of 2012.

And why can't this happen in the US? Royal Mail releasing Doctor Who stamps. Letters to everyone!

It's Friday, so I left work tonight like:
dw - the doctor

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh, I'm gonna need you to come in on Saturday

I would like a hot chocolate.

Just sitting here watching Merlin trying to release my anxieties.

This is my real life, except my boss is asking me to come in on Sunday. Dude, I already work overtime every night! Anyway, at least it's mo moolah. Plus they are cutting back on overtime once the new year starts, which is fine with me. I'm a lazy bum and would prefer to be in pajamas watching Doctor Who.

The Boy gave me a 11th Doctor sonic screwdriver flashlight for Christmas. I have been using its eerie green light to creep in the room at night and do my nightly pajama change and face wash while he sleeps (we work opposite).

Gonna go stuff my face in this book in a little bit, before bed. I like it so far, feels like it could be a movie. Very pretty scenery.

Our friend in Korea sent us a new Adipose stress toy to replace the one which he squished with his giant hand and exploded. Adipose is kinda looking at me right now, all adorable.
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my 9 hour workday also approacheth...

Hello lovelies,

The day is rapidly approaching of when I move! In fact, it is only 12 days away. I am still in a state of complete disbelief and sometimes refuse to acknowledge that I am moving, instead sitting on my bum and playing Farmville. It is coming, and fast, and I have SO MUCH TO DO. I'm only moving one room, so it's not a ton of packing, but I need to get it done. I'll try to post again before I move, although I can't promise I will get a chance.