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traycer_'s Journal

28 April
The LJ ♦ The Fangirl ♣ The Author ♥ Master Fic Lists ♠ Friends
Welcome to my little piece of the universe! I am an author who just happens to write fanfic so you will find a lot of that here in my LJ. I will also occasionally write meta-type thinky thoughts on my current fandoms, as well as features and articles for
fandom_grammar - (I don't correct people on their posts or anything like that, I promise!)

And for those of you who like to write, come join us at the communities where I help out as a moderator:

Whatever brings you here to my journal, I hope you enjoy your visit!!
My main fandom is Stargate SG-1, well okay, almost exlusively SG-1, but lately I've been writing a few Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles fics through fanfic100 (the Big Damn Table is here) and I am also working on a series of ficlets for Harry Potter fandom (to be posted whenever I get them finished).

I don't have an OTP, because I'm of the opinion that everyone would make a great couple. But if pressed, I will admit that my favorite pairings are Sam/Jack & Sam/Daniel.
I write everything from action/ adventure to romance; ficlets to novels and everything else in between. I also write original fic, and have even stored them in this journal. I just have them behind a filter for those who are interested. And if you're interested you gotta let me know!

Oh, and just like most authors, I love feedback, especially feedback that helps me to improve my writing. It would be great if you would let me know your thoughts on the stories I've posted. Good or bad, I always listen - and will let you know if I don't agree.
Stargate SG-1 - Summaries

Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles - Summaries and Big Damn Table

Original Fic - Coming soon.
My friending policy is simple. One can never have too many friends, and whether you are interested in my fanfiction or in my life (or both), please feel free to add me to your friend list. This journal represents my fanfiction alter ego, so I normally only friend those who share that interest, but I've also found that I love reading journals, so don't be surprised if I friend you back!