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!@% Ashley

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Thursday 9th February 2006 @ 2:30am
I never ever update this - it's just a nostalgia-type thing. I started out on blurty.com in early 2003 and then LJ became free with an invite and I came over here on some other lame screen name... I'm not ready to move on - even though I have my regular blog on my site. Well, whatever - if anyone reads this, how's life?

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Thursday 8th September 2005 @ 10:00pm
[ mood | amused ]

Ashley & Justin raid Rite Aid!
Some ugly photos of us "shopping":
click clickCollapse )

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Thursday 8th September 2005 @ 4:26am
[ mood | sleepy ]

I'm in the middle of nowhere, currently. I hate it. Anywho, Justin & I are doing fine and we're here with my mom until we can get money to make it in the city (ugh). Not sure what the plan is just yet - but we'll see. Halloween is coming in under two months, I am so excited! I need to dress up... but as what/who? It needs to be for a couple - which makes it a bit more difficult.

By the way, everyone should go and comment on my picture gallery...


Friday 5th August 2005 @ 12:47am
[ mood | disappointed ]

It's been... a long time.

So, Spain was cool - blahblahblah, and now we're stranded in Philly with nowhere to go. Fun!
All the money is near gone and we're staying with a friend of Justin's friend, Mia. Jobs are so hard to find here, and we have basically zero experience. All apartments want first month, last month & a security deposit before we can move in. If the apartment is $700, that is $2100 upfront! We never thought it would be this difficult.

So, Justin may have to go back to his Mom's for a little and me to my Dad's... we just can't afford this anymore. Justin did get a job under-the-table at some bar but they make him do 11-hour shifts and only pay him $6 an hour. That's just rough. We're so depressed right now, we do NOT want to deal with being apart from eachother for a few months - until December. We would miss Halloween & Thanksgiving with eachother.

I'm so tired of not having our own place and I'm tired of crashing at other people's apartments, feeling like I'm using them. I feel so crappy about everything.

Anyway, see some photos of our trip at my gallery: www.pink-pistol.net/gallery


Friday 13th May 2005 @ 10:07pm
I have BANGZ now, w00t w00t! Actually, I hated them at first and even cried... but now I'm used to them and they seem more flattering than the one-length locks I had before. I have that weird disease, I think they call it gigantaforehead or something really techy like that... but yeah, the hairdo has made peace with the face. More importantly though: Jussy likes it <3

Spain is less than a month away...
I need to stop eating pizza.
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Wednesday 11th May 2005 @ 2:01am
I should use my fucking LJ more.

Anyway, the trip to Spain (you're gagging, I know) is scheduled for June 11th OFFICIALLY. We went through so much shit reserving the hotels/flights, so this whole "official" business is a relief. We've changed our minds a gazillion times...

So anyway, all I've been doing since I lost DSL is dieting and watching movies... fun, huh? Justin & I are running out of films to watch together :(

Justin might have a JOBBIE (ha, freddy got fingered) at the Philly airport. Err... nothing else to report... I've sold out yet again to MYSPACE and added 2 measly pics so feel free to add me ONLY if I like know you n' stuff, k? I'm no whore *coughJUSTINcough* ;P
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Friday 18th March 2005 @ 5:15am
[ mood | tired ]

Umm. Did everyone notice the green goat livejournal put up for St. Patrick's Day? Seriously, what a way to rip off Google.

I can't believe I just updated.
Phone Washington.
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Monday 28th February 2005 @ 9:20pm
[ mood | bored ]

Justin and I revamped his site. It looks pretty hot, as does he<3 I feel sorta bad though... I think he kinda hurt one of his ex girlfriends with something he wrote... I know he was only kidding but still :/ Nothing is really new, I'm having second thoughts about Cairo... everyone is telling me it's a bad idea. UGH. I donno, we'll see... perhaps we'll just go to Europe then ::sigh::

I am such a lazy ass... I NEVER update my eljay or even read other LJs anymore. Forgive me.

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Wednesday 26th January 2005 @ 2:12am
[ mood | bored ]

Like holy shit, my boyfriend is the best ever! He spoils me, and loves me, and and and... he's cute n' stuff <3 Okay, I won't rub it in anymore but seriously, grab a boyfriend, ladies. V-day is near ;D

So, I got a reseller account the other day over at my domain: It's super rad, so now I can host friends and shit for cheap :P Also, I got the button machine Justin ordered for our distro... it's rad. Then again it better be rad... it's almost $200. I made some buttons for us, including one that says "I'm Pro-Choice and I shoot back". Haha! Fun times, Justin loves that one.

I can't wait until Spring/Summer! Cairo! Yay! Wow, I'm bored. Truth be told, that is the only reason I ever update my lj... boredom, heh. Umm yeah, okay I'm done wasting time, I'll type again soon, lol.

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Friday 14th January 2005 @ 3:12pm
[ mood | busy ]

I took a quick break from filling out the doctor forms, I see the rheumatologist on the 26th. I'm kind of nervous, I mean... this whole lupus thing. My body has been acting weird lately. I lose my vision temporarily and get splitting headaches and get so dizzy that if I don't kneel down I will fall over or faint. It's happening more frequently and it is so scary. Not to mention these mini-strokes or heart attacks or w/e the hell they are...

Yesterday I went to the post office and... that was it, lmao. Not very exciting, I know. But hey, it's as good as things are gonna get for a chick on anti-depressants. Umm, Justin and I are starting a distro. SHWIIING! Yeah, fun times and major scene-points ;D

Oh yeah! Today I have to go buy Amanda's domain name and set it up on my server! Doh!

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Monday 3rd January 2005 @ 2:17pm
[ mood | irritated ]

Justin went to return xmas gifts today and I'm all alone :( I miss him, I love this kid so fucking much. My mther's bf, Rich, is still over and I'm stuck up in my room because I HATE him with a passion and won't even look at him. It's been like 4 days, he needs to go the fuck home. He's gross, he just sits there letting my mom buy him shit, I hope he chokes on one of those cheese curls he loves so god damn much.

My brother tried breaking in Rob's neighbor's house. It was Rob's idea I'm guessing, they are so fucking stupid. I hope they both get locked the hell away. Seriously. I'm sick of both of them. They are assholes.

I took pictures with my new HAWT camera phone. Well, I originally took this pic for justin, hope he doesn't get mad. I only have three pics from the phone since it costs so much to send to my email, and the other two are g@y :(

[removed photo, sorry. it was meant for my lover. haha.]

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Friday 31st December 2004 @ 7:41am
[ mood | blank ]

I just started this journal. I'm not sure if I should go friends-only or not. I've never had a private journal, so I'll probably just keep it open. I have had my old journal for a very long time, and its' name for even longer than that. So much in my life has changed, and it was time to start over.

Thanks for adding my new journal, lovelies ♥

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