I want: freedom
I have: problems
I hate: :-X
I fear: being alone
I play:
I hear: screaming voices
I care: about things
I smile: when i see him
I wonder: why we're living
I poke: people
I love: my friends, alex, my horse
I think: TOO much
I always: hurt people=T
I am not: able to keep friends
I wish: people saw only the good about people instead of dwelling on the bad
I keep: hurting
I can't: stop
I write: feelings
I lose: friends
I smell: trouble
I confuse: everyone
I need: you
I dance: for you
I sing: in chorus
I laugh: at my pony=)
I cry: a lot
I talk: a lot
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WOW!!!! i haven't updated in FOREVER-i'm sorry! chances are you haven't missed me though;) lol

Well-read Michelle's update and you'll find out what we did all week until today.

today i went to the barn for a lesson-my trainer was being a b-i-itch! i wanna leave that place but i don't have the money to go where i want to move.

this is a pretty poinless post but i just figured i should update since i haven't updated in like 12876120562105423 days.

so yeah-gotta go take some medicine cause i be sick!

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last night was horrible. but i'm not going to go into detail about anything..i just...nevermind. so i went to bed crying pretty much. =T i've had a lot on my mind lately. today wasn't as bad as last night. well, it wasn't really bad...just not good. heh. well i got up a little late and was freezing and got ready for school. it was really windy and rainy and cold at my bus stop. i thought my umbrella was gonna blow away! eek! then i got to school and it was, well, school. so DJ is coming back to Chester...lets have a party =T that's gonna be umm..interesting..*coughcough* and i wrote a note to Jordan in 7th..and then i came home and took my dogs out and ate some ice cream. i'm not saying why my day was bad today though. chances are i won't say why they're bad for...a while...heh. well i'm gonna go find something to do other than sitting on my butt typing this..

luv yuhh!!
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quiz that i got from Amanda. :)

What comes to mind when you hear..
..snow?: cold (kinda like i am now)
..rain?: drops
..tornado?: SCARY!
..summer love?: romance
..Jon?: potty!
..Mike?: perv
..Shea?: hm?
..banana?: fruity
..dizzy?: circles
..Laura?: girl at my barn
..Juan?: spanish guy? chinky guy?
..car?: FREEDOM!
..white?: paper
..peppermint?: minty
..New Found Glory?: American flag
..placebo?: huh?
..orange juice?: oranges
..candid camera?: YOU'RE ON CANDID CAMERA
..sister?: i want one
..brother?: i love that dood.8)
..hate?: racist people
..school?: headaches!
..President?: needs to stop being president
..football?: tackle in the yard
..rap: shake it lyke a salt shaka;)
..pop?: cicle
..rock?: druuuuuums
..punk?: name that you give to someone you don't like
..sex?: hot
..death?: i'm scared to die
..baby?: i hate kids
..duuude?: so totally rocks!
..the end?: you suck
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today was very interesting.well..tonight. Jordan gave me my present this morning!:) i love love looooooooved it! i got FUZZY socks, hair bow things with flowers on them, froggie candles, an egg candle, and this chap stick stuff that i LOVE. THANKS JORDAN! but tonight. hmm, it was interesting. not going into detail though. lets just say i was crying really hard.:/ but that's behind us now, we aren't talking about it anymore and we're starting over. i took pics of me and crappy drawings i did because i was mad at myself. i sat and drew for two hours and took pics after. but i have to go.

take the rewind it back lil john got the beat ta make ya booty go *clap* heh.

byebye now.

i love you Alex. i always will. you mean everything to me. if i lost you i don't know what i would do. :/ i don't want to be close to that happening. ever. i love you more than anything on the face of this earth. <3
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sorry i haven't updateded in like FOREVER. there's nothing i can really update about. i have a horse show this saturday. i'm going to try to get out of school early and go there and get everything done so i can maybe go ice skating with alex, chris, his girl, jesicka, and brandon. but yeah. i went and got my cleats, a glove, batting gloves, and two pairs of shorts to wear to practices and stuff for softball. so..there's nothing else to really say. i'm sure all of you know about alex n me. hah. i know jordan, becca, michelle, ashley, and vicky do. i'm trusting them to not spread it around. i don't really care anymore though.:)so yeah. alex's ex melissa is coming to richmond saturday also. she's going to come here and see us. i'm gonna make sure i'm there cause i don't want her around alex really. i don't really trust her. i think she still likes him. she told him she loved him. and then she was like.....as a bro. i don't believe it though. but w/e. hah. so i'm gonna go now. bhye bhye.

<3 you alex.
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so.there hasn't been really anything to post about. i've been hanging out with friends. going to the barn. getting ready for the horse show that's next weekend i guess. the 6th. i love shows. getting up at like 5 and getting to barn early. you can see the fog just over the fields. it's so beautiful.:) so i have to go clean my room and stuff. bhye bhye
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