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[05 Jun 2005|11:58am]

Bonjour :) This is mandarkk's icon journal. This journal is not friends only, and I don't plan on making it friends only, unless I'm given reason to change it. But, do feel free to add me to your friends list. Everyone who adds this journal, will be added back eventually.

But, if you plan on taking any icons, FIRST you need to check out the rules in my userinfo.

Thanks! :)

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14_] 14 icons; LOST, Cursive, The Incredibles, Finding Neverland [12 Jan 2005|06:24pm]
2 Incredibles
1 Cursive
1 Finding Neverland

05. 10. 14.

+11Collapse )

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13_] 10 icons; Viggo Mortensen, Nightmare Before Christmas [13 Nov 2004|02:35pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Oi. I've had these icons on my computer for weeks now, and if I don't post them it's going to kill me.

4 Viggo Mortensen
6 Nightmare Before Christmas

01. 04. 06.

+7Collapse )

+Credit in keywords.

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12_] 10 icons; POTC, HP, Napoleon Dynamite [17 Oct 2004|12:44am]
Yes, so, I feel really bad for neglecting this journal as much as I do. :( It's only because my muse decided to take an unannounced vacation, so I was left in the dust with no creativity left in me. But it seems as though it has returned, or atleast a temporary Experimental Muse has shown up. Either way, I made some icons! Enjoy ;)

01. 02. 06.

+7Collapse )

- Be sure to comment if you decide to take any
- Credit transcendence_ or mandarkk in your keywords.
- Don't hotlink! :)
- Aaaand feel free to friend this journal ^^;
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11_] Long overdue post [17 Sep 2004|04:04pm]
Soo, forgive me for my absense. It seems as though someone didn't want me posting here for awhile because in the past few weeks I've dealt with school starting, two hurricanes hitting leaving us powerless, and having to stay at my dad's house that has NO internet. I really do apologize for neglecting my dear little icon journal here.

johnny deppCollapse )

your lord and master, FOAMYCollapse )

Dom and ElijahCollapse )

LOTRCollapse )

harrrry potttttterCollapse )
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10_] 25 icons; FOTR Frodo icon set! [13 Jul 2004|01:42pm]
19 LOTR:FOTR icons! [15 Frodo/3 other hobbits/1 Lijah]
2 HP, 2 POTC, 2 ETC also included!

8. 11. 20.
Frodo Overload [and other hobbity goodness]Collapse )
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9_] 12 icons; LOTR actors, POTC & random [06 Jul 2004|07:31pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

2 ETC.

+10Collapse )

As always, comment and credit in keywords.

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8_] 23 icons; Monty Python, X-men, Secret Window [29 Jun 2004|03:12pm]
[ mood | melancholy ]

11 Monty Python & The Holy Grail
9 X-Men
3 Secret Window

2. 4. 22.

+20Collapse )

Rules: Comment & Credit in keywords as usual.

I've capped each movie all the way through, so if you'd like to request a certain scene/character/quote, just comment!

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7_] 12 icons; Space Ghost [26 Jun 2004|08:02pm]
[ mood | creative ]

12 Space Ghost: Coast to Coast icons

1. 5. 7.

+9Collapse )

+Credit in keywords.

If you'd like something customized, just let me know. :)

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6_] 17 icons; Harry Potter, LOTR, POTC [22 Jun 2004|01:59pm]
2 Harry Potter

+17Collapse )
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[22 Jun 2004|01:43pm]
[ mood | severely bored ]

Which of these movies/TV shows would you be interested seeing icons of?
listCollapse )

You can suggest anything, actually, even if I don't have up there.
I just need some ideas, I'm kind of getting tired of doing the same three fandoms [LOTR/HP/POTC]. That's not saying I wont ever do those icons again...I just want some variety ^__^

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5_] 27 icons; Invader Zim [22 Jun 2004|01:05am]
27 more Invader Zim bases/icons

1. 2. 3.
lol, yes, MORECollapse )

Again, these are completely customizable.
And, if you'd like me to add text to them, just let me know.
Comment & credit :)
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4_] 13 icons: Invader Zim [22 Jun 2004|12:11am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

13 Invader Zim icons [bases]

1. 2. 3.
the restCollapse )

These are completely customizable.
If you'd like me to add text to any of them, just comment :)

Only two rules, as per usual: Comment & Credit :D

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Tutorial 01: Full Icon [including Transition Effect] [21 Jun 2004|09:07pm]
How can YOU make an icon like THIS:

Full Icon Tutorial [includes transition effect]Collapse )

This was my very first tutorial, so I hope it wasn't too confusing. If you have any questions, or you can't understand a certain part of the tutorial, please don't hesitate to ask. :)

Let me know if this helped!
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3_] 38 icons; HP, LOTR, POTC, misc [16 Jun 2004|05:34pm]
13 Harry Potter
7 Misc

All of the following icons include lyrics from Cursive, the greatest band that ever was ;D, unless otherwise stated. Feel free to ask which Cursive song a lyric came from. :)

6. 18. 35.

+35Collapse )

-Comment & credit in keywords [easy enough, right?]
-Bases are customizable [you still must credit me, though.]
-If you'd like one of the blanks customized, just let me know what you'd like done, and I'd be more than happy to help.
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2_] 18 icons; LOTR; HP; TROY; misc [10 Jun 2004|10:24pm]
7 HP
4 misc (Moulin Rouge, Smallville, Degrassi, Monsters Inc)
2 Troy

4. 9. 18.

Yes, still going 100x80 crazyCollapse )

I've only got two rules, comment and credit in keywords! ^__^
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1_] LOTR, Smallville, POTC, Troy [05 Jun 2004|03:14pm]
15 Smallville
1 Troy

5. 27. 37.

+42Collapse )

My two rules:
Comment if you take an icon; you don't have to ask to take one, just let me know that you are.
Credit in keywords! all you have to do is add either "mandarkk" or "transcendence_" in the keywords for the icon(s) you use

Also, the textless icons are customizable. You can do whatever you want with them, just make sure you credit me :)
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resources [10 May 2004|05:12am]
resourcesCollapse )
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[06 Jan 2004|07:22pm]
If you'd like to become affiliates with me, then please comment here! Since LJ doesn't like to email me my comments half of the time >_< I figured it would be easiest to just check here every so often, instead of searching through each entry.

So, just comment either signed into your icon journal, or provide a link to it, and say you'd like to affiliate! Then I'll add you as soon as I can [but, if I seem to be taking a while, feel free to kick my shins...I can be quite forgetful. ^__^]

♥, Mandy
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