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Well my fourth of july started around 9:00 when my dad woke me up so he could drive me an hour back to my moms house, then i slept, went home and got ready for the parade, My cheerleading team was in the parade we did stunts and tumbled and stuff like that, which i don't have pictures of because i couldn't take any. Then I went home and showered, then I went to Opechee Park which is where the fireworks were held and I helped sell stuff so that the team could raise money for the spring floor. Then I walked around with Johnny, Travis, Evan, and occationally Chris which is what I have picturesCollapse )of. and then I walked home while having and argument with Evan. and I praise you if you read that.


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it's a new one, the other one was suspended.
This one's friends only i guess.

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