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Tracey Davis
Paralyzing Venom
I hope that everyone had a horrible Christmas.

The End.

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hearing: WWN

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Hexed Private, Sod Off.Collapse )

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I refuse to write another essay. I want liquor.

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Potions. Defence Against the Dark Arts. Transfiguration. Charms. Care of Magical Creatures.

Not that anyone cares.

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I've gone home for the summer.

To her friends, I'm- I'm sorry for what I

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Finals soon. I suppose I ought to start studying if I want to pass.

There's not much else to say. I only post in this thing because I have to.

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don't bother
I'm not very amused right now. Everyone is either whining about finals or being themselves, neither of which are very entertaining. I may as well not even write in this thing, as every entry is simply a declaration of how pathetic this school is.

But then again, you all could use a reminder now and then.

[private to Daphne and Blaise]
Something really does need to happen. Any ideas yet? General mayhem during the next Quidditch match would be excellent. I'm trying to brainstorm, but really, coming up with something that hasn't been done already and that will prove a point rather than just being silly and immature is hard work. Egh.
[end private]

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My life simply could not become anymore boring. You people suck, with a (very) few exceptions. It's really rather horrible being surrounded by the dullest people since the dawn of time.

Yes, well I haven't seen Montague since that little fuck on the steps. Not that I really want to, I just wouldn't have minded another go. Obviously I know his reputation, it's not like that. But I'm used to the guy saying something after. I'm supposed to be doing the complete brush-off here, okay? Yeah.

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Well, it's Friday. I suppose I'll head off to the claws' common room later. Much later. I'm not especially interested in showing up early and being surrounded by people who I don't want to talk to. Or look at. Or acknowledge the existence of in any way. I'll be fashionably late and all that.

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Damn, I have to find my gloves, apparently Clearwater isn't holding up on her new 'no work in class' policy. Can't say it wasn't unexpected. Fuck, I think I threw them out... now I'm going to have to steal borrow someone else's.

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Everyone's rather excited about Saint Patrick's Day, which I can't really comprehend. Yay, you're irish. I mean, really, the holiday is no longer even about Saint Patrick, it's just about drinking and wearing a lot of green.

Which I suppose really isn't that bad. So nevermind. Have fun with that, kids.

So the day has been pretty good. Or at least not shitty. We're winning by house points, and I got a passing grade on my Herbology essay. Woo.

//Hexed to Professors and the like//
I'm hearing a lot about parties and whatnot this weekend. Which isn't negative in the least. Though the word "Ravenclaw" was also used at the same time, which throws me off. Not really my crowd, but if it looks like a few people who weren't born dull are attending, I may give it a go. Not like there's anything better to do in this castle, anyways. And well, if there's liquor, an added... very large, bonus. Been a long time since we've had a good party in this hellhole.

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