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stories & alibis

11 November
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Did I ever tell you that everything I know about breaking hearts I learned from you? Well, it's true. And I know, I've never done it with the grace and style that you have. I settled instead for making long term plans based on my mistakes.

There's nothing worse... I swear, you have no idea. The jealousy that became me thinking, "he always had it way too easy, he's getting what he deserves." And I told myself that all I did was what I had to. But don't believe me.

And now, all I've got is this twenty dollar bill that says you're up late night starting fist fights vs. fences in your back yard, and whispered rumors of the way you wear your black eye like a badge of honor, soaking in the sympathy of friends who never loved you nearly half as much as I do (but irony is for suckers)

Breaking down in bars, and the cold tile bathroom floors inside them, it's something unforgivable. But don't believe me, don't.

I won't lie, it keeps me up till ungodly hours at night. But I can't regret, so just forget it. I started something I couldn't finish, and if we go down then we go down together. Best friends means I pulled the trigger, best friends means you get what you deserve.

Take the time to talk about it.
Think a lot.
And live without it.

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