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there are a thousand things in the world that i dont know about. there are so many people that i dont know. i really wish i could change so much. i wish i could take some people and make them happy. i really would like to change some people. to tell them to not do that, and stop doing this, and tell them to smile and to kiss their mothers. i wish i could destroy all the cigarettes in the world. along with all the things that make people sad. i wish that everyone had free health insurance. i wish that people didnt hurt little kids and destroy their lives. i wish everyone would smile at everyone else. i wish it wasnt so easy for me to hold grudges. i wish i could let go of the handful of people that i hate. i wish i didnt make excuses for people and why they are so stupid most of the time. i wish i knew how to say what i want to say. & i wish i could just do what i want to do. i want to go. honestly. the only thing. the only thing. i am so in love with matthew. i truly believe that we are going to be the one couple. like the ones you see in movies. one of the few couples that actually are in love and stay in love forever. you know the type you see.. and its like they have this secret that no one else knows. and you can see it when they look at eachother, or when you hear their inside jokes.. and you can sense that theres something bigger there. but you dont know what it is, because so few people have actually had it. but we have it! we're going to be in love forever. and nothing will ever come between us. we're going to make it. we wont ever be one of those old couples that dont even look at eachother when they walk into a room. i will never leave the house without telling him i love him, i will never go to bed without telling him i love him, the first thing i will do when i wake up in the morning is tell him that i couldnt live without him. i really couldnt. i dont even know what im talking about anymore. all i know is that i see so much hate around me. so many people who take advantage of love they think theyre in love, but really, those people who dont believe a relationship is real because the couple never fights. that is the single most ridiculous thing i have ever heard. communication. tell me whats wrong. tell me whats in your head. i love you i love you i love you i love you i love you i will always love you
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i love how my hair hurts after i dye it.

aww teehee. i was standing at the counter making a sandwich. and i started to smell matthew. i was looking around, sniffing, smelling my shirt, trying to figure out where that wave of matthew scent camefrom. and i couldnt figure it out.

until i realized that i had put mustard on my sandwich. heeheehee <9
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i hate when i need to remind myself of things to knock some sense into myself, but livejournal is being too slow.
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heres how you know when youre getting old:
when you eat a desert or a pasty and immediately you require a cup of coffee. ahaha.
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new york city streets with friends by your side
telling stories in words who've left us behind
all the things we'll never say
leaving like puddles in the rain
we wash away, like puddles in the rain

why do i cry so much? i swear. at least 5x a day. i finished Perks. and started it again. i dont care how cliche it is and how its every emo kids favorite book. theres a reason why its that way. because its a wonderful book. so all you nay-sayers can just get over it.

i love you. goodnight.