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toodlepip_'s Journal

6 August
Don't just add me, ask.

80's, absolutely fabulous, accessories, alphonse mucha, animal skulls, arcturus, art, art books, art nouveau, aubrey beardsley, bakst, barbie, baroque, bats, beardsley, bettie page, black, black cats, blue, body art, bodypaint, bodypainting, borknagar, boxes, butterflies, candles, candy candy, castles, cats, cello's, cocteau twins, collecting things, colours, corsets, costumes, creating, creativity, cuddle, curls, curly hair, dada, dark sarcasm, daydreaming, decorating, decorations, dreaming, dress up, erotic art, eyeliner, eyes, fabric, familie knots, fashion, fashion books, fashion design, fashion magazines, found object art, found objects, full moon, glitter, gothic, graveyards, gustav klimt, h.r. giger, halloween, handbags, henna, henri de toulouse-lautrec, high heels, humour, incense, internet, jan jansen, jem, jewelry, jugendstil, kisses, kissing, klimt, lace, lacuna coil, leon bakst, leopard print, little bags, long nails, make-up, making things, masks, metal, metallic colours, moonspell, mucha, music, nailpolish, opeth, painting things, paints, petticoats, photography, photoshop, pianos, pictures, piercings, pin-up girls, pin-ups, pink, pj harvey, play doh, purple, purses, red, renaissance, ribbons, rockabilly, rocknroll, rubber, sarcasm, second hand shops, sewing, sex, shoe boxes, shopping, silver, siouxsie, sisters of mercy, skirts, skulls, sleeping, small bags, smoking, stars, storage, tattoos, textiles, the piano, tool, tori amos, touch, touching, toulouse-lautrec, victorian masks, vintage, vintage clothing, vintage photography, vintersorg, violins, vivienne westwood, weirdness, whisper, zebra print