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i love the rain when it is cold and the air and ground is still warm.
i ran outside when it started raining and just danced and screamed.
i layed in the grass until my mum yelled at me to come inside.
i loved it.

every single one of my friends are beautiful inside and out.
i don't want to hear about a single one of you talking trash about yourself.
if you do i'm just gonna have to walk over there and hug you till you cheer up!
heck, i might even walk over there and hug you anways!
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i'm so tired.
i want to curl up and sleep.
stephane is walking around the house making car noises.
was at sami's all yesterday,
with emma, amanda, & tirzah.
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+sami's party
+sleeping at sami's
+nothing else really

today was gorgous.
i failed my math test.
i hung out downtown with amanda&&sami.
some guy drove around in circles the whole time we were there.
we got ice cream and chatted with kyle&&sean.
dad is starting a fire.

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my head is pounding.
i think i'm dying of dehydration.
and my stomach is bothering me.
i hope i'm not getting sick.
school ends in 2 weeks.
i don't really want to miss a day.
i was laying in the backyard today,
and i just fell asleep.
when i woke up it was 5,
and no one was home.
i'm confused.
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dear world,

i'm a weird fucking girl. and i'm chicken shit too. i don't know what i want from life. i do know that i just want to be comfortable with myself and around others. i try to improve myself and make myself a better person based on what people say. i try. can no one else see this? maybe i'm just selfish. who knows. i don't.


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theoren stayed home sick today.
and when i got home, he made me french toast.
it was the best french toast i have ever had.
and it was nice since i hadn't eaten all day.
he is the bestest brother ever.

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