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9 February
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001. my name is katrina, friends call me kat, more then friends call me kitten n my dad calls me kitty
002. im seventeen with a full lisence
003. im a junior in shen
004. i love boys
005. im looking for love because im a hopeless romantic and im very traditional
006. i play volleyball and basketball for fun, not on teams and i play soccer rec for clifton park and i played on the team for my old school(notre dame bishop gibbons-schenectady)
007. i have been a dancer since i was 2
008. i love love love music and my favorite band is no doubt and im a HUGE fan of dave metthews, bob marley, other various reggae artists, and mostly hip hop and alternative rock
009. I sing in the shower, usually songs that are written by femme artists like jewel, alanis morissette, and natalie merchant
010. i have 2 little sisters
011. i prefer cats to dog, although i have 2 cats and one dog, one of the cats is mine and he doesnt have a name
012. i live in clifton park with my mum, dad, and sisters
013. I thrive off of positive attention
014. i am very cute and i have a very pretty face, but im self consious about the rest of my body(very short and very thick
015. i would say my body most resembles the body of Missy Elliot but im beautiful anyway)
016. im of british and Irish descent
017. i can take a starburst wrapper off in my mouth using my tongue, as well as tie a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue
018. i wont settle for anyone, I have to be friends with people before i can really trust them
019. i wont give guys whatever they want from me without things in return(not material things, things that come from the heart) and i wont give sex to just anybody, im not a slut
020. i have been used, ditched, stood up, hurt, abused, hit, and all that such so i dont trust easily
021. I have a lot of friends and one best friend and she means everything to me, we do almost everything together and i dont know what i would do without her, she has to approve of all boyfriends and such and we would never turn our backs on eachother
022. i normally wear jeans and a hoodie but i am a fashion freak, i have over 40 purses, millions of clothes and i design, this doesnt make me superficial, it makes me creative
023. I dont eat meat, im a vegetarian, i do drink milk and i eat cheese and eggs
024. Dancing is my passion i always dance
025. Im really shy at first but after awhile i really get to warm up to people and maybe even get too attached and end up getting hurt
026. Im feminine, wouldnt have it any other way, i like girlie things like makeup and hair stuff, dresses and skirts, boys and the color pink, jewelery and good smelling lotions
027. im a christian/calothic, i hold strong to that
028. I am against gay marriage
029. I am passionatly against abortion, i dont really tolerate it much, there's no excuse to kill a human legally before they even see the world
030. had i been eighteen i would have voted for Bush because i dont think Kerry really knew what he was getting himself into and im glad Bush won
031. i dont like confrontations at all but they work a lot better then saying mean things about people behind their backs without even getting the facts straigh first
032. I dont preach to anybody unless they want a debate and i dont want people preaching to me unless we're debating, no matter what people say they wont change my views, i hold strong to them
033. sometimes i play dumb, its all an act i really am intellegent
034. i take medication for depression but im not a psycho
035. I am a virgin on birth control, im waiting for someone important to be with and noone really important has crossed my path that i can see of yet.
036. Im not a prude though, i have done my share of messing around...... and messing up
037. sometimes i contradict myself, dont make me feel dumb about it, its not mature.
038. im not into drugs and drinking, although the occasional drink at a party is sometimes necessary for me
039. there is an infinate list of minor and major details about me and i could goon forever but i havent got the time, i suggest you IM me to find out more if you're still interested after reading my somewhat of an essay thanks for being interested, or at least pretending to be exes and oh's <3Kat