now i understand to hold you i must open up my hands and watch youspread your wings and prepare to fly

if you should return to me, we truely were meant to be.



so i just got home a little while ago, i went to michele's house today and we went to target and price chopper and then i went to see griffin, big mistake, i should have just stayed at micheles and i feel so terrible about it all now.

i took heidi and elizabeth out for ice cream today and we went to the pet store to get food for my betta and i also got it some rocks and some plants, im really surprised that it's still alive because i have been feeding it goldfish food for the past week. michele said it was going to turn into a goldfish but it didnt.

michele bought dinosaur shaped cheese today and it was the greatest thing i had ever seen

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so today was good, no griffin or caiti in school so im guessing they were out fucking or something, whatev i dont care because in gym class, we did icky square dancing again today and it was fab. i danced with chris abraham and he is really hott and really funny.

i had work, girls did my hair again, same old lusting after the coworker who is way older than me, training in guilderland for 2 hours and finally got home 20 mins ago. good times, great way to keep my mind of griffin and caiti.

beautiful day, yet cold.

im out, leave love.
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who invited you....

to come into my life and make it hell...?

i am really finished this time i swear to myself and everyone as my witness, i cannot waste my time on these childish people who only exist to bring me down. i am finally able to say with confidence that men are liars, they lie. they really only want sex and they will go to extreme lows to get it.

that being said i am moving on and from here on out I am my number one priority, I do not exist to make other happy before being happy myself. tough shit people but im really going to stop caring, deal with it. call me conceited, call me whatever you want but at least Im not lowering myself or putting myself out there to be stepped on again.

that being said, things have deffinatly happened since i have been away, down 4 pants sizes since january, new job working at ymca y time, an amazing job and only encourages me to continue working with kids and make a career out of it. I live for these kids, i care about them so much and each and every one of them brightens my day. today i let a few of the girls play hairdresser and my hair is so funny but it was so worth it.

I took some great pics and i will post them up in a few minutes
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Im back

Im back.... this is me coming back to live journal to try and quit the myspace addiction. does it ever ever end?
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(no subject)

it is my new years resolution to discontinue use of my live journal.

because it is nobodies business what i think or do and im done with the whole community thing. my sn is mascera xo if you wish to chat.

<3have a good 2005, katrina<3



so what if i am stuck in the 80's. fucking cunts<3 i love you!

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(no subject)

hmm napoleon dynamite is my new favorite movie i think. it's very good. my mom says that it was probably a low budget film but im not really sure, i suppose i could look into it. if it is a low budget film that would be pretty cool because it is an excellent movie and that would just go to show that you dont need to spend so much for a movie to be good. i have to work tonight which isnt cool. i am really pulling for the job at y-time. i am getting so sick of all the drama that goes on at p.w. and some of the people that work there are way to immature to even exist-ryan can talk so much shit about a person but when the person confronts him he can't say anything to their face which is really low in my mind. there is an employee christmas party next weekend and i have Liz for a secret santa and she told me to get her lottery tickets but i cant even buy lottery tickets, im not eighteen yet, maybe i will have my dad pick some up or something. I just leanred how to do this livejournal text cut and rich text thing and it is really working out for me. maybe i should go to school for computer graphics or something, that would be pretty neat. im also thinking about minoring in photo but i think i am still all for elementary education still. yesterday my mom took me to sears to return the portable cd player my grandma got me for christmas(i still feel really bad about it). well i ended up getting a much needed new pair of jeans(i went down i size...yay!), some really soft socks, some underwear with spirograph prints, some underwear with a penguin on them, some underwear with polkadots and i also got a set of adidas moves perfume which is my favorite other than cool water which is was expensive. i dont really like sears much, the people there are rude and the parking lots are shitty. i guess there isnt much to write, i have o go do the laundry and such and then maybe ill straighten my hair and put some makeup on and take some pictures and post them. leave some
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