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I've decided to merge my LJs as swapping between the two is becoming a serious pain in the behind. It might take a bit of work, but as of now, thule_ and rasmus_a are both dead journals and this will be taking over for both of them.

Definitions of the word "uke"

You know yaoi? If not, you probably don't want to read on.

I searched for some japanese bondage on wikipedia (your number one enabeler of kinks of every kind) and from there went over to the word "uke", simply because it's used so much without me ever having a semi-oficial definition of it.

I now am in seriously DEEP shit. Uke is not only the bottom part of a gay couple, or the recieving part of bondage/S&M, it's also a term used for the attacking part in Aikido. You know, the sport I'm starting on once I get home...

I can picture it vividly. My teacher telling me to go against some "uke", and me sniggering so hard that I get my ass kicked and known as "that weird kid". Or even worse, if they understand why I'm sniggering...
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Just seen Narnia (for the second time in two days)

I have just seen Narnia. I think I'm in love with a faun. He's darn sweet, looks pretty when in pain (kinky? who?) and is just the cutest thing ever when carrying a crown. *g*

The horse Philip and the phoenix are other great characters. And I'm completely taken with the brilliant griffins. And the animations. I don't know how they did it, but I was completely trapped the moment the blietzkrieg photos started and wasn't able to move before the black screen came after Lucy and the professor's little chat in the end.

On that accord, why can't people sit the fuck down when the film is STILL GOING. Yes, there has been some end titles, but the fact that the characters are on the screen and talking should give you a hint that it's. not. over. yet. GOD how stupid some people are!

The horseman (yes, I have forgotten what it is in English. Sue me it's half past one in the morning) is really cool as well. I'm just blown away with how real these characters were made. Especially the vampirebat that looked like Marilyn Manson (come an, you all remember him... hissing at Aslan in the "party" scene).

I've come to conclusions that Edmund is my favourite character, though. He's just too much like myself to not like him.

Best comment in the movie: "Well, he's not king yet!"
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MY doll is here. Happy.

I don't like new years eve. I have a head ache. Pain, and not in a good way.

It's 1 hour and 50 minutes into the new year and nothing feels changed. Typical.

Merry Christmas, everybody.

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Merry fucking Christmas to me.

Let's make a list:

* All shops closed until tuesday - nothing to do
* Sick, can't get out of the house even if I wanted to
* Post office closed = I don't get the one gift I really lust for before tuesday, at the soonest
* All places that sells wine closed = me no wine
* Star Wars canceled because of sickness in the family of my friend = nothing to do the 27th
* A whole fucking family that want's to know what I'm doing, be with me and all the other social crap that I'm really not up to (oh, lonelyness, how I miss you)
* Me sounding like a whining bitch on LJ because I'm too tired to pester my RL friends

* Got nice gifts (YAY! Koss headset! + beautiful knitted sweater)
* Have the last episode of Bleach, and have yet to watch it
* Am slowly, but surely getting better from my cold
* Might be less than a week before my gift arrives
* No more money problems

* Dumped by boyfriend

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*points up*

Look what I have learned today. That is, I'm not perfect yet, but I know some... I hate to use this word... 1337 skillz. *shygrin*

I'm stil waiting for my doll. He's got his own journal, christmas presents and clothes ready for him when he comes. Until then, his journal is used for the whining nobody wants to read, and his clothes are grinned over by me (his tiny, tiny pants has a tiny tiny zipper that unzips!). I just know the first thing he's going to do is to freak out and yell at me... (yes, I'm like this with all my "pets" (read: stuffed animals) and dolls. Except barbies, who I have no problems with decapitating and dyeing black.

Got to go. Watching Bleached and our red-headed friend is getting beaten the tar out of (again) and then suddenly proves that he has turned stronger (again) which really surprises his enemy, although it has to be the sixteenth time during the last five episodes.

He's got a knick of getting his head hurt, though. And always over his right eye. Odd.

Ooh! Before I forget. I bought a christmas presant today. I was at Outland, and they had small keyring chibi nauruto figurines. My friend is geting a vampire novel and a chibi Gaara for christmas! :D
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Can't sleep. Clowns will eat me.

Not really. I smoked today.

People who know me, know that I can't smoke, and should never be let close to a cigarette. People who really know me, know that I don't smoke because I hate the smell (true) and am severely allergic to smoking (also true). Still, I have started, gently and gingerly, to smoke.

I blame my examns. I'm stressed out, fucked up, alone and frustrated. My mind don't work, all the work I'm doing is too little to late when I have wasted a whole fucking semester on being sick and trying to fight that instead of the rigid school. So I'm stressed out, on the verge of crying for the third time this day (I haven't been such a crybaby since elementary school, and then I got my ass kicked for it. I don't like to cry) and finding the Lucky Strike pack I bought in desperation one day.

So I smoke half a smoke. The time was 13.00. It's now 03.00 am the next night/day and I can't sleep. I think that everyone who actually manages to get a buzz from half a cigarette should be locked inside a glass cage and experimented on. Don't even get me started on what cola or sugar does to me (let's just say that Swedish candy + me = WEEEEE! + a lot strange conversations about gummy bears and lemmings).

I have now cleaned my room. Visited the forums I usually goes to. Read all the posts without commenting on a single one of them (with the exception of the controversial forum where I comment constantly) and packed my bag to go home for christmas. I have $3 left on my account. I'm eating baked beans tomorrow. Maybe as breakfast. I deserve it for not getting a panic attack todat *pats her own back* It was fucking close (hence the smoking) but the second time I have averted it.

Fun fact: every time I feel insecure, I buy things. It can be films, clothes, craftstuffs or marbles, but I'll buy them just to feel safe. Sometimes, I get the idea that if I just find this item or that item, my life will be ok again. As long as I don't have the item or know where to find it, I feel stressed out, like something important is missing, when the item can be something as stupid as an anarchy pendant or a hoodie.

Sometimes I find the item I'm looking for, sometimes I don't. My life don't change based on either events.

Rational people would have given up the thought a long time ago.

At least I don't have an item on my mind right now. Although I'm still angry I didn't find the black glass heart pendant when I "needed" it.
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Things are looking up...

...for the journal, at least. I am completely unable of reading for the examn tomorrow, but at least I managed to contact the doctor today. cut for uninteresting medical complaintsCollapse )

But enough wining for now. My christmas gift to myself have shipped from Korea, I'm four days away from being done with my examns for this year, and next year, I'm either going to do better or drop out. No need to worry about that before March anyway.

This saturday, I'm starting my job at the book store, finally earning some money to get the last presents with. It's going to be great. With the experience I have from telling drunk, grumpy Norwegians that they are not allowed to drink more, a pack of Christmas shoppers should be easy. (I know I'm fooling myself, but I want to keep that illusion at least until Saturday).

I haven't written in my stories for a long time, though. I know what happens next, and I know what of the previous story that I need to re-write, but like my home work, it seems like my brain is malfunctioning on that area of my life as well.

I want beer! I want wine and I want friends to drink with. I don't want to think about the biggest asshole in the world sending me a message to let me know that he's been convicted to a mental institution. I hate him, and I don't want the responsible he then gave me to tell my friend, who is also the asshole's friend.

Sometimes, I wish I could stop caring about people. As well as have people to complain about these things to, not a measly LJ.

I suck.
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I'm a writer...

...can't you tell? Just got back here to find that I haven't written shit (that I haven't deleted) since September. That's scary.

I can blame November on NaNoWriMo but how about October and December? I suck, but I prefer writing what I wish to say in communities. My daily life is jack interesting anyway.

Example: Last night was spent making sure about a hundred of my coworkers got as drunk as possible in six hours. It was hilarious, I left the bar to dance with a (female *wink wink nudge nudge*) friend of mine when I got tired of being soaked in beer, I swapped a beer for a massage (again with a female friend of mine) and am one of the few people who can honestly say that they have bathed in beer (so much for bringing ten or so full-to-half-full glasses back to the bar to clean them...).

The money I earned, I managed to lose outside the local super marked. They are found, and currently hung up to dry (it rained today, BTW).

Does this interest anyone? *looks around*

Didn't think so.

This is a post to tell whomever might be interested that I'm still alive.

Harry Potter rant, about a year late

I read some of the rants over at fanficrants today, and it reminded me just how much I hated the fourth and fifth books in the HP series... Actually, rewrite that to book 1-6.

Warning: this is a very long rant. And I don't like HP all that much. You have been warned.

Goth Harry/Emo Harry angsting all over the place. "Woe me, I have lost my parents, I'm famous and I have to visit my uncle and aunt for one month a year and they hate me."

Yeah. Get a grip, emo kid. Try looking around at what you do have, try COPING with whatever pains you have (you are *gasp* not the only one in this world with problems) and stop being a bitch over these things. It doesn't suit you. It's not that it's not 'heroic', I actually like it when the protagonist don't behave like superman, it's that he's behaving like a wittle brat. Don't bitch and snap at your friends every time they try to help you, mkay?

Problem two: this is really, really not well written. "Woe me, woe me" NEEDS to be well written to not be Xhundred pages of whining. First, in book one, we are hit over the head with dead parents, evil aunt and uncle and the gold-hearted little boy who lived with them and never questioned the good in humans.

Point one: if he don't see anything wrong with humans after that (or manages to separate "evil muggles" from "good non-muggles" when it was a wizard who murdered his parents and tried to get him too) he's stupid. It's ok to be stupid when you are eleven, but the kid is closing in on seventeen and STILL hasn't learned. It's mind boggling how stupid that is.

Then you have the traumatized kid going to school and suddenly all is good. Besides the pure magical flashbacks of his parent's death, he doesn't think once about the people he have lived with his whole life. He doesn't have any unexplainable feeling of longing for a spot in the garden in his old home, his aunt's mood swings from "evil rampant bitch" to "psyco rampant bitch" or anything many people get, even to places they hate.

And ofcause neither he nor Neville, who has an equally fucked-up, if not worse than the hero-boy, life needs any sort of help from anybody.

Next, they allow kids to almost kill each other in the school. I don't know about your school, but mine had pretty strict rules about running with lethal weapons after someone with the intent to kill them or severly maim them. Maybe that was special for my muggle school, though.

I just can't see how the teachers aren't stricter with their students. How they NEVER teach them responsibility or demand that they earn the right to have a wand outside of school hours. Honestly! If you so much as use magic outside of school, you are kicked out, but if you *grabs something out of thin air* maim your nemesis with a possibly lethal spell (anyone finished book six yet?) you get a slap on the hand and "please don't do that again".

Yeah. I know where I would be if I did that. It starts with a 'j' and ends with 'ail' and would make it possible to make a lot of HP h/c slash...

I don't ask for realism in fantasy. I just ask for a bit of logic every six hundred or so pages. It should be possible. Just too bad JK Rowling hasn't understood that yet...