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... and sometimes I wonder what it's all for...

how many days can we go on this way
why is my head spinning
this is the life we chose to live
why must we suffer for what we've chosen
is this something you dreamt of.......

how many times can you stab me in the side
is there a reason for your lies
if i were there
if we could swear
the world would see that we're here for nothing

sometimes i think you're what i am looking for
if we were together would you see my scars
something about you pulls my heart out

over there
we have no tomorrow
under here
there is so much sorrow
why can't we see how cheap we can be
and how fake we are

if i shall die
will you swallow me
remeber me as i rot in this earth
forget me when i am under the dirt
love the freedom you feel without me
to hold you down.......
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